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    USB Flash Drive Question

    amspcs Ranger

      I'm having a problem with my SanDisk USB Flash Drive device.

      I'm trying to back up some data onto the flash drive so I can easily transfer to my laptop.

      When I plug the flash into the USB drive, it seems to 'take' it alright.  But when I drag the desired file to be copies into it, I get the message "please insert a CD disc" or something.

      In other words, the computer seems to be recognizing it as a CD burner, not a flash drive.


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          Well, first off, it would be helpful for the techies out there if you provided more information such as your operating system, make and model of your PC and/or the flash drive and anything else you might feel useful.


          Also, did your flash drive come with a disk of software to be installed and, if so, has that been installed properly? It's possible the software (if it had any) for the flash drive altered or changed your system files causing you to need an update somewhere. Your PC or the flash drive may need updated drivers, depending on the age of either so perhaps you could check on the websites for both products for updates, newer drivers or some troubleshooting tips.


          Lastly, without more information, all I could suggest is perhaps the flash drive got corrupted somehow by a bad file or virus.


          Hopefully, with more information, someone will be able to assist you. I'm surprised to see you posting a "technical question" in a small business forum! I am used to seeing your interesting posts about small biz! Good luck with your tech issue!



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              amspcs Ranger

              Moni, you are correct.  Sorry of lack of info.


              I'm using Windows 7 (unfortunately, I dislike it--why reinvent the wheel?)

              Using a Dell 64 big computer--not sure of model, it's on the back of the uni which is kind of hard to get to. 

              I'm using a ScanDisk cruizer.  I checked it on control panel, which indicates the driver is installed and it is 'working properly'.  I let Windows search for updates, which reported I had the latest update.


              The light on the flash comes on, and the system seems to recognize it.  In fact, t here is a song on there (I don't remember installing it) that plays just fine.

              So I don't think the flash drive is codrrupted.


              When I try to drag the file off my desktop I want to record onto the flash, it instructs me to insert a CD.  It appears it recognized the unit as a CD burner, not a flash drive.

              Very frustrting, not sure what to do.  I looked online and found a tutorial from Scandisk, but it didn't help.  It told me to look for MY COMPUTER, an icon I don't have, and then to MANAGE which I don't have either.


              This is my frustrtion with Windows 7.  Lots of stuff that works easily and seamlessly before now has become a major headache.  And the theory that Windows 7 doesn't crash or freeze as much as previous

              versions doens't seem to hold water in my experience either. 


              Any suggestions?  Thanks.  And thanks for the kind words about my posts in small biz.  Small biz I know about.  Technology an entirely different matter. 

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                  I saw a tech forum online where someone had posted the same issue only they were running XP. Another member suggested that they go to their device manager, right click and uninstall the drive, then reboot and let the drive re-install itself. The tutorial you mentioned sounds like it may be trying to get you to the Windows 7 version of the Device Manager. I have W7 on my netbook but don't use it nearly as much as my desktop becuz it is confusing. Try going to Start -> Control panel -> System and Security -> System -> Device Manager and see if that is what the tutorial was getting at.


                  When you put the flash drive in and right click on it to check the properties, does it show that it has open capacity? If you can play files from it, it sounds like maybe it's being seen as "Read Only" ... I'm wondering can you move files off of it back to the PC? Some flash disks have a tiny button that can be used to "write protect" the drive. Check for this switch, and ensure it is in the unlocked position.


                  Thanks for posting the additional info and hopefully if nothing I have mentioned has helped, someone will have some more extensive instructions or ideas.


                  Again, best of luck to you!


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                wordperfect Scout

                I have had this problem in the past, you really don't want to know the result.

                It had, in my case, nothing to do with the O/S or any other techie specs, it has served well for many years, swapping 'tween various machines till one day, symptoms as you describe.


                I took it to various experts who suggested anything from virus to damage, virus scans show a full drive, clean, other scans show it as full, data intact but it grew worse, like a cancer, and now just won't even open.

                Always get an "Insert disk " error.

                Ahhh, that was 3 years ago.


                My advice, for what it is worth, copy the files, if you can, save to another flash disk and hold a small funeral ceremony for the old one.

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                  smallbus01 Adventurer

                  If it still doesn't work you can try uploading it to another computer, to see if it is the USB flash disk that is the problem or your laptop/os/whatever. If it does work then just send it from the working computer to yours.

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                    Moderator Jim Ranger

                    Hey there,


                    A quick google search for "flash drive please insert a CD disc" comes back that it's a problem with windows (assuming you have windows) and you need to do the following:


                    Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools then click Disk Management.


                    Find the USB drive and single right click it. Then change the drive letter.


                    It should then be recognized as a USB drive.