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    [New Article] Small Business, Small Town: Three Keys to Winning Big in a Little Pond


      A new article released this morning by the SBOC Team entitled Small Business, Small Town: Three Keys to Winning Big in a Little Pond gives a quick insight into ways a small business can survive in a small town. There are obvious struggles associated with building a good business reputation in an area where there are fewer consumers. There is more competition for those consumers that might lead business owners to make serious mistakes in order to obtain those sales.The article outlines three key points to remember when marketing one's business to a small town.


      Give it a read and then let us know if you have any additional points that could help our community members facing these small town obstacles!


      Happy reading! I hope to read your thoughts soon.


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          LUCKIEST Guide

          There are MORE small towns in the USA and YES there are more small businesses located in the small towns.

          I think the article should talk more POSITIVELY about the small business owner.

          Even N Y C and Chicago have small businesses within a large city

          The small business owner gets to do everything.

          The small business owner, knows his or her customers, can talk or joke with them. Answer the phone, make a sale,

          keep  the books and maybe even make the coffee and give away FREE coffee if it helps.

          Small business owners do not have expensive lunches.

          Small business owners do not waste space on executive desks, exec lounges and exec bathrooms.

          Small business owners develop a personal feeling for their customers and for the dollar.

          And also deal with complaints personally


          Your writer points out "In a small town, most people know each other, and they generally talk to each other."

          "So it is vitally important to provide courteous, responsive service" even in N Y C or Chicago.


          Local small business in big cities also rely on customers being loyal

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              I agree with some of your points, however, I believe you are verging on the brink of comparing apples to oranges. The article is specifically about small businesses building a good business rapport within a SMALL community. It is not about the small businesses in "big cities", executive businesses in any city or the business owners themselves, but more of a brief, point by point example of how not to sink a business by utilizing careless or overly aggressive tactics that might turn off customers. I agree with the article in that I believe that one needs to utilize different strategies for the environment their business is set in.


              Perhaps the team will follow your suggestion and create an article geared toward big city marketing, marketing as the business owner or maybe even something that gives a more in-depth comparison between the varying locales and how business owners could boost customer service. That, IMO, is truly something that can make or break any business. As the article concluded, “In a small community, one festering complaint can become poison to your business" so I have always felt that maintaining a good balance of personal interaction and customer service was important to any business, but especially in situations where your customers have the potential to interact regularly.


              On another note, big city executives don't necessarily have to have expensive lunches, desks, lounges or restrooms. In fact, with reality television peaking and shows like "Undercover Boss" airing, I think executive business owners are getting a makeover in order to attempt to be more "employee friendly".


              Thanks for posting your thoughts, Luckiest! It's always a pleasure to read your posts!