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    What words to use for my PPC adwords campain?

    josephfreeman Wayfarer

      I am planning a pay per click google adwords campain.


      Could you advice me what target phrase to use?


      I seek leads that are interesting in having custom web program running on their website.


      I am trying to go into the heads of those who are looking for "website program", "custome web application development" etc.


      What is commonly used by the folks when they look for a service like mine?


      Thank you for your feedback.

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          SME_ally Adventurer

          you'll need to do your keyword research. find out which keywords have high search volume and relatively low competition in your industry.  you are in a niche that is quite competitive so the longer your keywords are the more targeted your traffic will be and the more chance of you ranking high in serp. 


          best (free) keyword tool to use is Google's keyword tool

          Type your keywords to uncover additional keywords.


          You can also go to, type in your keyword in the search box,  press enter. Then on the left hand side, there should be a link "related searches", click on that to reveal other keywords that Google thinks relate to your keyword. Jot those keywords down and run them through Google's keyword tool to see search volume.


          if you're targeting local, then may help. 


          lastly, if you know who your main competitors are, you can use seo spyglass tool (free and paid versions available) to find the competitors keywords. you can download a free copy here


          hope this helps.  good luck!

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            smallbus01 Adventurer

            It depends on what you are selling. You have to do your own research on the best keywords to use. Try to find a keyword with less competition but popular in searches. Another tip, make sure your website has good content. Lousy contents just waste good money because they don't convert those traffic into sales. Good luck! Hope you find the right keyword.

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              Rainbowrite Adventurer

              "Custom web program" may be too broad. Do you provide a specific sort of web program? What sort of solution does it provide? You can try using those as your keywords as well. Using the Google Keyword Tool is an excellent idea in finding out whether the keywords you're optimizing for are valuable or not.