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    Think Green!

    Alina Oprea Newbie

      What does GREEN mean to you?

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          Excellent question Alina although are you asking from a personal or business standpoint?


          I know from a personal standpoint I'm not the greenest of people, although I do support alternative energy such as wind, water, nuclear, etc.  I would say we need a lot more of it for it to actually help as (in the US).  Around 17% of our total energy use is "green" energy, and about 58% of the energy we create is lost from heat, transmission line resistance, and other forms.


          So I would say green would be encouraging the growth of more "green" power plants.  Prehaps smaller more numerous ones to cut down on transmission energy loss.




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            LUCKIEST Guide

            What happens to the waste we all produce? When does it make sense to recycle? Can trash become energy?