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    Investor(s) Search???

    Lloyd Snyder Newbie

      I've found my place in life and it always has been and always will be music...In the past it has been as a drummer and like everything else in my life I've put 100% plus into every aspect of it....I've realized a necessity for music in an area starving for it...with that said....I need to find Investor(s) to help begin my push to satisfy that hunger...Concert Promotion in an area that when put into effect will continue to strive true and strong.  The problem I find is that, regardless of the fact that I have an incredible business plan of a great idea guarenteed to succeed, I can't find (or in a main case don't know where to look for) investor(s)...Where do I find investor(s) to see the big picture and not be shy to the fact that a business is music related?  In an economy of uncertainity MUSIC has always been a constant and also a soothing force...I have a great plan which even secures the funds invested through insurance provided (due to the nature of the business) but need to find the investor(s) to reach my investment goal of $350,000 to get things off the ground...Can anyone show some guidance in this matter?