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    Mobile Versions of Your Site

    Moderator Jim Ranger

      Hey there,


      Now that the mobile web has exploded with nearly everyone having web access on their phones and tablets, how important is it to provide a mobile version of your site to be used on smaller screens?


      Is it worth the time and effort?



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          It is not important to me.

          Anybody can do any amount of work, provided it isn't the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.

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            DesignSail Adventurer

            People are always searching for things on the go... If you have a business that can relate and help "customers" on the go then a mobile friendly site would be very useful to more results through mobile devices.

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              I could be wrong but this is sort of how I see it. When I look up sites on my phone, if they aren't mobile sites, for the most part, they still load and are functional. I just scroll back/forth and up/down a lot. It really doesn't affect me but then again, my phone isn't a droid. It's a windows mobile phone and most websites function well enough to get the info I need. I utilize Google on my phone to look up info, so I think I am more concerned that people be able to find me on Google, regardless of what they are using to find me. Once they find me, it shouldn't be much trouble to navigate my site whether it is a mobile capable site or not.



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                SEO.SEM.Geek Adventurer

                It is really depend on your business and your audience. You may design is just with tweeking in your CSS or having completely different, minimal design for mobile users. First you need to know do I really need a mobile version or not? How much it will cost me? what is the benefit of having it? then you need to know how much customization you want for your users, complete different version and design or minimum re-design and cost.


                But many mobile users are growing and depend on you business if they find your site with minimum to no usability for mobile users they won't back to your site or at least not with mobile.

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                    Moderator Jim Ranger

                    For my personal blog, I use do use a wordpress plug in for iphone/ipods to make it mobile friendly. I actually forgot I had set it up years back until I checked the site on my ipod yesterday and found a strange menu style I didn't remember. I guess that's a plus about wordpress -- install the plugins and forget about it for mobiles.




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                      wordperfect Scout

                      I tend to agree with you.

                      I have, till recently, not really had a mobile version, simply added "handheld" to my link relay in my header and a basic css style sheet.


                      In my business I don't think too many prospective clients are going to seriously consider me from their mobile, they will want to go over it from a desk or lap top, so I just give a mobile overview.

                      However, the swing to Tablets etc is something different and I can see I might need to start looking at if my present site is earning it's keep on a 7" Samsung et al.

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                      josephfreeman Wayfarer

                      I added this feature to my content management system.


                      My clients publish their mobile version everytime. Some of them don't know about it.


                      It is a double google presense.


                      Most important are the applications - mobile users need some information on the go, they do not browse for fun.

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                        I find that with my phone (a Droid X with Android 2.3.3) I don't need mobile sites as my screen is large enough to manage without them.  That being said some mobile sites are nicer to use, some are not.  If as a website owner you are going to have a mobile version of your site I would take care to make sure that it has all the functionality of the original site.  I often find myself using the full version because the mobile version is so limited.



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                          vinod1978 Adventurer

                          It really depends on your business, and what you mean by "mobile version". If you are a restaurant or a bar, it completely makes sense to invest in a mobile version. People may use Google Places, or Yelp to find out what is around (or even plain ol' Google Search), but they usually check out the website. For some reason many of these establishments use Flash - completely useless on mobile devices (even ones that claim to support it). In this case, it is most definately worth investing in a mobile version. If your site works fine but it is designed to work on a regular screen - then it's fine. People have no issue pinching and zooming, and scrolling around - in fact it works so well that it's not worth updating - but if you have content that is not viewable on mobile devices you most definately have to make a mobile version.

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                            raffledog Adventurer

                            It's super important if you have a local business. Think about it. You're looking for a pizza place on

                            your iPhone. The one that you can pull up and look through the menu easily will probably be the one

                            you call. It's all about ease of use for the end user. Any business can benefit from a mobile web site.


                            I guess that's because I'm a mobile web designer. (

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                              myDealCompass Scout

                              Building upon what raffledog said above, it is more important for some. I think that everyone can benefit from trying to put themselves in their customers shoes and walking through the process. Some people use a mobile site when I wish that they didn't. Inc's online site is a complete hassle to me because of their annoying mobile site popup. Every time someone links an article on LinkedIn, a popup grays out all the text asking if I want to use the mobile version with the options of "yes", "no" and "never".  I have clicked "never" every time and it just serves as an extra layer of frustration and I have skipped some articles because of it.


                              On our site we had to tweak some functionality on mobile devices due to limitations of the Google Maps API and how it performs on mobile phone browsers. We thought about doing something similar to Mint where they prompt you to download the app instead of using the full-site.  What is everyone's thoughts on that implementation?

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                                  raffledog Adventurer

                                  @myDealCompass I think there is a place for both. Some users like mobile sites better then apps and vice versa. I myself have an iPhone and really used apps in the beginning. Now I rarely use them. To me it's just easier to look at it on the web.


                                  The only apps I use are for my bank and some random wave forecasts apps (I'm a surfer). I think it really depends on the business. If you're local forget the app and invest in a mobile site.


                                  And don't implement a popup. That is annoying to the end user and I would probably click off a website if that happened.

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                                  Nathan53008 Wayfarer

                                  Yes I think it is important to have and not that expensive to have created. There are over 1 billion mobile users. It is predicted that people will spend more time on their mobile phones rather than computers. Although there are certain businesses where it is defintely not needed.


                                  One businesses that I believe is crucial is restaruants. So many people on the go will look up a restaurant on their phone to see the menu, or see times and such. It definitely does not hurt to have one and again is not too expensive to set up.

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                                    Sophia_Myles Tracker

                                    Definitely it's worth! Look around in the coffee shop, library, bus stop, gym … honestly anywhere and you’ll see the masses browsing the web on their cell phones. With the success of iPhone, people are getting into the mobile era. I've already see marketers dedigning emails for cell phones and I think it won't be long before website masters begin doing that also.

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                                      thirddd Scout

                                      It really depends on how large your customer base is and what their needs are when they search for your site. If you run an accounting firm, it's not very likely that customers are going to be going to your site from mobile devices unless they're just looking for your phone number while they're on the go, which is a one-time thing. That's if they don't already have your number in their phone. I know that around 70% of Ford's traffic on their website is from customers using mobile devices, which is a huge number from a marketing standpoint so it's definitely not something you should ignore completely. It all really depends on the type of business you're running. Whether or not you decide to make your website compatible for mobile devices depends on the overall demand experienced by your customers and how much you think it will cost to implement mobile device compatibility into your site.


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