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    USA real estate investments

    Auraria Newbie

      Goodday all,


      Recently id visited the USA to celebrate my birthday and while driving in Texas and Alabama.

      I saw à lot of these foreclosures, i already had ideas of afding real estate investments to my company.

      I do have knowledge about the house markets due to research and contact with real estate agents.

      I've also spoke with other real estate investors about investing in property, so no lack in investment criteria, just lack of knowledge about "Laws & Rights"


      And I went to real estate agents who showed me à lot of houses.

      Now I am back in Europe and made some funds available to buy 1 or 2 properties.


      But here comes THE issue:


      I do not know anything about the rules and regulations for foreign investors. I tried to lookup things but you americans are so unclear in things and sending  you from one to another.


      So any info about investing in real estate in the USA is very welcome.

      Also information about taxes and hidden costs.

      Tenant rights.

      Rules about foreclosures.


      And general info regarding the above writings.


      Links, etc... Are very appreciated.


      Yours sincerely,





      -I've got contact with some real estate agents, who have sended me some information. Though extra information is still welcome)-