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    Tried all SEO techniques...Please help

    aditech Wayfarer

      Hi friends,

      I am working as a SEO from past two years.. But have not faced this kind of problem… Right now working on three projects  total 7 keywords from past two months. When I started working they were 100+ and as i worked on them they reached within 50+ but now they are as if fixed on their positions. Working on all the SEO techniques have not left a single one…But no improvement...I am really depressed don't know what to do. Client is asking for the report and he is also right because it's the time to provide him the report. Please help me with your valuable suggestions…I know it sounds bad I should not loose hope but…

      Please reply waiting for your suggestions...

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          Hi aditech! I am not exactly sure what you are asking here. We have several community members who are very knowledgable on SEO but your question seems a bit unclear. Could you please clarify what the problem is, which techniques you have tried and perhaps give us a little more background on the situation? I'm confident that once you detail the problem you are having, those in the know about SEO would be more than happy to assist you!



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              aditech Wayfarer

              Some information:-


              1. Nearly 60000 to 100000 lakhs searches per month.

              2. Page rank of sites is 3, 2, 2

              3. Nearly 3 to 4 years old.

              4. Techniques - Article Submission, Forum Posting, Blog commenting, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, One of the keyword is for product so press release and classified's, Review sites, squidoo lens, hub page etc.



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                  SME_ally Adventurer

                  hi aditech,


                  it would be very difficult to give you any worthwhile advice without knowing the keywords and URL. assuming your onpage is done correctly, the number of links you'll need and your site's rankings greatly depend on your competition.  Pagerank doesn't really mean much when you're trying to rank. what's important is that you have to analyze your competitors link structure and see how many links they have and the link types. there are lots of sites that can help analyze the links for free. just do a search for "backlink checker". but a paid tool i use is called seospyglass. they also have a free version, albeit, limited in functionality but should give you a good idea of it's power. with private proxies this software is lighting quick in analyzing the links of any website so you'll know exactly how many you'll need to outrank your competition and use your competitors links to build your own.


                  Here are the links to get seospyglass


                  Free version



                  Paid version




                  not sure if 60k - 100k searches per month means broad match or exact match, but either way, if these are the competing pages you shouldn't have too much trouble ranking.  i can give you a better idea if you're willing to share more information. hope this helps and good luck!

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                    thirddd Scout

                    You're not focusing on the right thing, assuming you're trying to increase your ranking on Google. The techniques you're using are great for building backlinks and improving off-page SEO but they won't help as much if the site itself isn't optimized for Google. Google is all about user experience and search relevance, which is what the site you're working on should try to address. I can already tell from the information you listed (sites live for 3-4 years with only PR2 and PR3) that the sites either haven't been generating fresh content, aren't correctly optimized, or aren't giving search engine users the answers they're looking for. Try to take a step back and evaluate the site from a search engine user's perspective and see if it's effective. It looks like your off-page SEO tactics are good, so it has to be something related to the on-page optimization of the site. That's just what I think from the information you've provided.


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                  joshuawilson Scout


                  As we know Google Panda has been changed its algorithm second times so I suggest you to please track on Google SEO updates also this will help you alot. One thing I wanna ask have you work on your onsite page optimization because its matter most today. Try to post your website url on good networking sites also like facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Digg and many more.

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                    Hi Aditech


                    I don't know how you have the sites set up, but have you tried URL Normalization?  It might be worth a shot if you haven't done it. 


                    Good luck!



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                      joshuawilson Scout



                      The +1 button is available in one place: search results. the +1 button is shorthand for ‘this is pretty cool’ or ‘you should check this out.’ Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1's can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.



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                        JackieGold Scout

                        I don't think the +1 will be hugely important since you can theoretically make 100 different accounts and click it continuously. Focus on CONTENT. Good content will get you links and then the SEO will take care of itself.

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                          jack Wayfarer

                          Hi aditech i think you have to doing some onpage for that website and clear that the content of the page is not a dublicate...... and after the page you want to in Search engine For targeted Keyword so set that keyword in that page content and do some Social networking for that...........

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                            George Adventurer

                            aditech - here's a cool trick you can try as well:




                            These guys show a legitimate trick for getting tumblr backlinks to your websites, the links are do-follow as well. This is the linkjuice you need to really help a site advance up the rankings. There's also a few directories I use that have good PR and approve quick, let me know if you'd like that list. You'll want to ensure that you have quality content so that you get natural links. You can also trying and get links from other quality sites related to your niche. Guest blogging is a great technique.



                            Best of luck!

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                              DAGMAR Adventurer

                              How old are the domain names.  If they are new they may be "sandboxed".  I have a client now that no matter what I do nothing will make it move much.  I'm sitting just under 3 months on the domain so it's just a matter of time.  Not sure if it fits your situation but thought I would throw it out there.

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                                Webmistress Newbie

                                aditech, you haven't mentioned whether you are trying to rank for competitive or long-tail keywords. A competitive keyword is one which is in high demand, usually because it's very generic - e.g., "cars" would be highly competitive.  Some long-tail keywords related to cars might be "used cars," "American cars", "classic cars" or other variations. As you can see from the examples, the basic term "cars" has been modified with a number of adjectives.  If you test keyword popularity on Google's keyword tool you'll get a number of possible variations on the basic keyword or keyword phrase. You can then have your client use some of those long-tail phrases in his/her site copy to improve the chances of the site's pages being found in organic search.


                                All the other posts have some useful advice, especially the ones related to backlinks. Those are as important as keyword optimization.  Also SME_ally points out rightly that we need a few more specifics to really help you.