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    Looking for trade show succes stories

    tradeshowguru Newbie
      Business to business trade shows is my area of interest. I am looking for stories of how the small exhibitor - a 10 x 10 - has gone to a show and has had a successful experience. What were the elements that make a difference for you? Was it the pre show invitations - a great booth presence or your follow up that make this the best show ever!

      Please share your story with us.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Trade shows are fun, to plan, to participate in, and to visit.
          "Business to business trade shows is my area of interest". I have a great story of how the small exhibitor
          • a 10 x 10 - has gone to a show
          and has had a successful experience.
          In my prior life, I was an accountant. One of my more successful clients in N Y City put on a yearly
          trade show in the Fall.. I got a FREE booth and was the only accountant at the trade show.
          Come the following Tax season, I was flooded with small companies wanting their taxes done.
          This went on for about 5 years.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Though not true "trade shows," my most successful experiences have been at the "expos" that are attached to national professional conferences or national customer/user meetings and events. The main reason is because I know exactly what kind of people will attend -- so I can better prepare the booth, attention grabbers, giveaways, sales materials, and things that will be memorable and fun for those who stop by. Also, people don't generally attend multi-day national events unless they are in a position to make buying decisions. The major industry-specific trade shows are next best for a similar reason. If I'm speaking or conducting some kind of seminar at the same event, that always helps increase the results I get, too.

            Consistently, the worst results I have experienced are at one-day general business-to-business expos and local events (like those sponsored by chambers of commerce), because the cross section of attendees is so broad and includes so many people who are not decision makers, buyers, or even "influencers."
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              Bridge Navigator
              Size does not matter....


              Several years ago I took my medical product distribution company to a national trade show. The show had exhibitors such as Bayer and Johnson & Johnson with their 60' + displays, video screens, etc.

              They all came to see our both and we had them lined up! I have pics of execs. from the "Big" companies at our booth.

              They all focused onhow great their companies were. We focused on how great our customers were. Here's what we did at our 10' x 10' booth:

              1) Sent out custom tokens to all registered attendess and all of our customers
              2) Tokens said "COMPNAY NAME... Your best bet for XXXX supplies"
              3) With the token we told them to come by our booth an try their luck at our slot machine (cost $450)
              4) Had a slot machine at our booth - had custom made graphics (from a local sign shop - cost $120)
              5) We had a fishbowl full of coins so that anyone could try the machine
              6) Every one who spun won something - we created our own "payout" schedule.

              The lights and sound from teh slot machine attratracted attention - and the crowds!

              We made everyone stay "in line" which was a perfect opportunitiy to scan cards and talk to everyone while they waited for their turn.

              The trade show administration stopped by to tell us we had the "best" both at the show and everyone loved it!

              Greg Dupuis