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    What Is On-Site Page Optimization?

    adwerk Newbie

      It is considered to be one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. The on-site page optimization is meant to raise the site owners search engine results ranking, this includes everything from the page title, meta descriptionan d keywords, to the keywords and phrases in the body. On-site page optimization is the only part of search engine optimization the the site owner has, because every other aspect of search engine ranking is controlled by the search engines.

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          prostarprofit Wayfarer

          This is stuff that is done on your web page to optimized such as keyword, internal link, alt tag, h1 headers

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            Hi adwerk! You seemed to have answered your own question! Were you hoping to start some dialogue about On-Site Page Optimization or just asking to see other people’s ideas of what it entailed? Are you offering to answer questions about the subject or give advice on way smembers can optimize their website?



            It would be nice to see further discussion on this but I think maybe the thread needs "optimized" a bit so that people feel a need to post or can at least figure out what is requested or expected in your post!



            Perhaps you could expand on the subject and entice others to participate in a discussion!




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              pataktrading Newbie

              Hello Adwerk, On page optimization is something doing work on-host. It includes the task as you mentioned creating metas (titles, descriptions, keywords), optimization of content, image optimization, indexing sites in google analytics to track the visits and traffic, submitting site in google webmasters to upload sitemaps and to track the coding errors and html suggestions.


              I am agree with you that the results are only shown to us by search engines, but as on page optimization is important, off page optimization is also too important for that, as all the backlinks that we got is just because of the off page submissions to high PR directories like blogs, articles, press releases, forums, local listings, classified ads, bookmarking. Moreover off page optimization helps a lot in increasing the PR of the website.