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    Earn revenue from 100% of your website or blog's traffic!

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      Before I begin, let me
      make it clear that this is Not a Sales Pitch, and there _is Nothing to
      Buy_ here.

      This is absolutely Free.


      A new era of online earning has arrived.

      *It's an era where You get paid a generous
      commission for 100% of your website's traffic, every time, absolutely free.*




      Ads Visible on your Site or Blog.

      Traffic Redirected from your Site.

      innovative new technology is called Pay Per Play. "The Wall Street Journal" has
      raved about this new online advertising method.
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      *Important Update**_: This revolutionary
      new free service finishes its Beta testing on February
      1st, 2008. After this date, their generous Referral Program
      may be closed off to new members. Also, after February 1st, it may
      No Longer Be Free to join_*!


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      The Program:

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      program is called Pay-Per-Play (PPP). Pay Per Play is a new, innovative
      technology that has been designed to rival Google's Adsense. Corporations such
      as Taco Bell, HBO and Harley Davidson have already signed up to advertise using
      Pay Per Play ads. They have also signed up to run audio ads for United States
      presidential candidates.

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      How does it work?

      how it works*: Every time a user visits your webpage or blog, a
      5-second Audio advertisement is automatically played. And, Every Time an
      audio advertisement is played, you get a commission! Even if your visitors have
      their computer speakers off and do not hear the ad, you Still Get Paid. *This
      automated system is brilliant in the way it works, because there are absolutely
      no downsides for the person (You) who runs the ads!*

      other words,

      Visitor Enters Website > 5 Second Audio Ad Plays > You Get Commission.


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      (PPP) advertising will add residual streams of income to your bottom line,
      while you also earn on the effort of hundreds or thousands of website owners
      whom you refer to this opportunity. By doing this you are considered a core
      marketing partner.



      *How Do I Get

      *_As we mentioned before, you are
      compensated for 100% of your website's traffic._ *

      *_You will be paid on a WEEKLY basis
      through PayPal or Cheque._*

      service uses a 3 Tier payment system.

      Much You Earn:

      of what the Advertiser spends on the PPP ads you serve on your own website(s).

      5% of what the Advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) of those
      you refer.

      5% of what the Advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) that your
      direct referrals bring on board.

      Sit Back and Think about This.

      *If PPC
      becomes the future of advertising, (And all signs so far have shown that this
      is the case) you will be _guaranteed large amounts of residual income Every
      Week For the Rest Of Your Life _from your website or blog, plus all of the
      hundreds or thousands of websites that are referred by you, directly and
      indirectly. And It's free to register. Even if you don't have a webpage,
      signing up for a free one only takes a few minutes!*


      You claim Your share of the Pie...*

      will you let someone else have it?*


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      *Will it
      bother my visitors?*

      The answer is no. The ads have been tested
      on thousands of websites, with little to no complaints. This means people are
      used to, or will get used to, these ads very quickly. This is mainly due to the
      fact that the ads are only 5 seconds in length.

      Other Notes:

      of PPP's strongest points is the fact that it appeals to every webmaster, as he
      gets paid for every ad impression from every single unique visitor. The ads are
      unique in the way that it does not take up any space on your website whatsoever.
      In fact, it is excellent, because no visitor will ever have to leave your
      webpage, unlike Adsense or TTZ Media.



      We will be in BETA up until February 1st,
      2008 (the day that audio ads will start playing).


      Right now we are simply establishing the "footprint". *_What this means is that we are getting as many websites as humanly
      possible to place the PPP code on their site, Right Now, for Free_*.

      *Between now and then an independent third party
      company, BPA Worldwide, will scan each page that has placed the PPP code so
      that we can report our "reach" back to the advertisers.*

      *_The larger our reach, the higher the opening bids will be on February

      The PPP code is invisible & silent so we are not expecting that you will play audio ads for which you will not be paid.


      *To be clear... Any time an audio ad is played
      on your website, you WILL be paid.*

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      and get in on a Piece of this HUGE PIE before it's too late!
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