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    For the first time, Earn revenue from 100% of your traffic.

    magyar Newbie

      NOW Get paid on 100% of your website traffic, no clicks necessary!
      I've just been approached by NetAudioAds who offer
      a way to add 5 second audio ads to your site, that pay
      out everytime a visitor visits a site. i.e. no clicks necessary. Ads are only
      played once, and are widely being accepted as the most non-obtrusive type of
      ads available.

      The ads are only 5 seconds long and are sourced from well-known companies like
      Taco Bell, HBO and Harley Davidson. Adding the code to my site was a breeze,
      with only a few lines of javascript having to be copied and pasted. Once I'd
      added the code, my ads started straight away and the earnings are starting to

      Because this is a new advertising system, NetAudioAds are
      offering a generous 3-level affiliate program, where referrers get Lifetime
      commissions, not only for the sites they refer, but also from sites that are
      referred by those sites as well. Within the admin section there is an easy way
      to track how much income your referrals are making.

      If you have a site or a blog, then I'd definitely advise signing up and giving
      NetAudioAds a try. Even if you don't want to add audio ads to your own site,
      then it's still worth spreading the word to benefit from the potential Lifetime
      referral income.

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