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      I have only been in business for a few months and now Im getting worried that I won't be able to see my business thrive like I know it can just because I have bad credit. After 2 years of dissability what did I expect??? How can I get the funding that I need to keep the business going? I do not want to lose before I even get started. I had someone call me about getting a co-signer but Im not even sure if that is legal to use someone elses credit to finance my can I make sure that this person isnt trying to get more money out of me....then another company doesnt ask for any money down and can assist with all the paper work and claims they don't get paid until I get the credit line Im looking for which would be 12% of whatever Im approved for...What can I do to make sure that Im not putting someone elses credit in jeopardy. Of course I would pay the bills but I just want to make sure Im not in over my head.