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    How do I find clients?

    tamilrascal Wayfarer

      Hi there...


      Where can I begin finding my local clients, apart from the yellow pages? I'm marketing a medical software product, and was wondering if anyone has ideas on how I can determine clearly who needs my product locally - any reputable companies who will obtain this information for me? I could send out a mass mailing, but I'm hoping to spend marketing funds a little more prudently.  Thanks in advance!



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          DesignSail Adventurer

          Hi there! Do you have a specfic target or is it the whole medical field?    

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            The best way I know to find local primary care offices is just to go to Google maps and type in "Doctors [Your city here] [Your state here]"  It should list them all and the majority of them should have websites you can look at to determine if it's the sort of place you want to sell to.  It may take a little time but it's free.


            Also, a few quick ways to advertise if you choose to are: Word of mouth, which is always one of the best ways.  Don't be afraid to ask current customers for referrals. You could also distribute pens that have your business information on them where you shop, eat, etc.  Just hand them to the person who rings up your purchases so they have pens to use and mention they are free to "lose" them.  Another option is trying to find a local group online, the bigger your town/city, the greater chance there is one.



            I wish you the best,




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              tamilrascal Wayfarer

              Thank you so much, Paul - I think the pen idea is great to get a buzz going.  I looked at several online companies which will create a distribution list for you based on criteria you provide them with, but some of them are expensive, and others just seemed a little shady - I think I'll go with the Google idea (which is what I've been doing, and painstakingly creating a list!).  It's free, and it's quite comprehensive...I live in Tucson, so there are a LOT of offices!


              Thanks for your help, and take care.



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                  SME_ally Adventurer

                  moderator_paulr's idea of searching for clients on google maps is a great one. you should also create a google places for your own business so people can find you. since your business is b-to-b, another great place would be to create an account on linkedin and introduce yourself in industry groups that you're interested in selling to. they have thousands of groups so i'm sure you'll find one that matches. they also have a q&a like yahoo answers but geared towards businesses.  sign up for accounts on sites like merchant circle. lastly, submit your software to software directories. create pad files and submit. this method is probably the most effective for you. at the end of the day, it's all about creating as big a presence in the market as you can.


                  hope this helps. good luck Sudeep!

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                  vinod1978 Adventurer

                  Do you want to sell to doctors directly, or do you want to find someone to distribute your products?

                  Have you tried going to conventions where these type of products are discussed, bought & sold?


                  Obtaining lists is a start, but you have to be careful. I've been "burned" obtaining these lists in the past. Many times they are not up to date, or have information of people that are not part of the decision making process. After you spend hundreds (in my case, though I know people who have spent thousands...) you might find yourself at square one. I'm not saying you shouldn't invest in lists - but be very, very cautious.


                  If I were you I would also do the standard method of marketing yourself, because if you have a product and people want to buy it - they are probably going to search for it. Your website should indicate clearly what your product does. It sounds like your product might warrant a short video to discuss the specifics of what your product can do. It would be a lot easier for a doctor that works 10+ hours a day to watch a 1 minute video than to read a ton of information about your product. Obviously, you still need to get those doctors to your website. They best way to do that is to start a blog and try to write something about the industry once a day (or more if you have the time). This way google will associate your website with the industry and keyword terms will be more likely to go to your site.




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                    Great Question..I too was wondering the same thing. I am a licensed Insurance Agent and i do not know where to get my clients. I have a few ideas but there are a lot of agents out there. Florida there is a big demand in the Home Insurance market since places like Allstate and State Farm are no longer writing. I am franchising with a great company but i need help getting clients in the door or should i say hetting the phone to ring. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I sell Auto, home and Business Insuance but Home Insurance is my specialty.My business should be up and running in the begginning of September...

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                      As I just responded in another thread, I like to rent a booth at local community events like trade shows, fairs and home shows. There is usually a small fee for booth rental but it is well worth paying for the amount of leads I generally generate. In fact, just this week, I have been partnering with a local realtor in her booth and the response has been phenomenal! She does give-aways for children every day ... t-shirts, candy, mini-frisbees, stress balls, flower seed packets, a drawing and a prize wheel. Everything that can be logo'd has her company name on it and we have brought in so many new leads for all of us (there are 6 of us businesses represented this week).



                      One thing that I noticed this week though is this... When we ask people who are passing by if their children would like to spin the wheel for a prize, sometimes people ignore us while other times they ask if it’s free. I find it to be a sad situation when consumers are so used to being nickel and dimed to death that they are cynical and jaded that someone would actually give something away for free. I've even has people ask why we would give away free items or comment on how refreshing it is to have no scam or "catch" going on. Simply put, consumers are tired of feeling taken advantage of. Gove a prospective client the feeling of honesty and trust and do your best to meet their needs without making them feel you are only after their hard-earned money and you will gain a client for life. It has to be about the people first, then the bottom line in my opinion.



                      Best of luck on your endeavours!