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    What do (did) you read?

    SpartanWarior Wayfarer
      • to research when you start your business?
      - to make decisions?
      - to learn what you need for business
      - for fun?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          What do I read? In the morning with coffee, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
          For Business, The Bottom Line, Kiplinger, Money and Forbes
          Playboy and Mad Magazine and MORE
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Anything by Guy Kawasaki.
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              CEO Space Scout
              All the books when I was in college on business.

              When I was doing import/export, every book I could find on the subject at the library. (well that probably isn't true, but it seemed like every book.) That was a long time ago before I purchased the books.

              Lots of books on licensing and franchising before I did that.

              Books on investing and forex. And intermixed with all this, self improvement books by Neal Donald Walsh, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen. Lynn Grabhorn, Florence Scovill Shinn, Ester and Jerry Hicks and many, many more.

              Robert Allen's real estate books. Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant.

              BJ Dohrmann's Perfection Can be Had and Super Achiever Mindsets.

              And many more. I'm sure I'm missing many. It is hard to remember and I have an extensive library now.

              I think some really good ones to start out with are Rich Dad Poor Dad, The One Minute Millionaire and Super Achiever Mindsets just to see the different mind set of an entrepreneur from everyone else.

              Whenever I meet Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, BJ Dohrmann and any of those guys.....I always ask them what they are reading or listening to.

              Interesting question.


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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                This may be more general than what you were asking, but I try to read things (books, articles, columns, blogs, etc.) by people I don't normally agree with, and whose opinions I may not even respect very much. The reason is because I already know how to get along with the people who think like I do, and I already know how to provide them with products or services they'll find valuable. To sustain a business in a diverse world, however, I have to understand everyone else -- i.e., the huge majority of people who are not just like me, and who don't think the way I do. If an author has readers and admirers, then there is something I can learn by reading what all those people are reading. Even if I disagree with the message, trying to understand why others like it can provide useful insight.
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