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      As a Shea Butter and Cocoa business, what is the best way to advertise my products?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome. Tell us more about yourself and your business.

          Where are you located?? How long have you been in business??

          Why type of advertising and how large a budget??

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              Thank you for your interest; talking about myself, I am a student at the University of Houston, trying to get my bachelor degree in accounting.

              As you know Shea Butter comes from Africa, which is great for cosmetics and chocolate. My country “Burkina Faso” has the best quality. My family has been in this business for more than 15 years. Recently I decided to promote the company and help with the international sells. I created my own business “African Shea Butter and Cocoa" (ASBC). My goal is to improve and increase the international sells. We are located in Houston, Texas. As a beginner I am looking for small budget, by time goes on the business can pay for itself. Thanks again.

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                  To start with if you are trying to market internationally I would assume you have a website, if you don't, it would be best to get one.  Now to advertise you can always go the well known way like Google Ads, but make sure if you use that sort of advertising to go with Pay Per Click (PPC) as opposed to per impression so you know that every person who clicks is actually going to your site, increasing your chance of getting a sale.


                  Some sites offer banners for a standard monthly fee, look around for ones that might cater to the same audience that would buy your products. 


                  Read up on SEO so you can get your site higher in search engine results.  You can find a lot of good articles on it online, just be careful of which ones you listen to, if it says "Get to the top search listing in one day!  only $8.99 for a guaranteed method!" Chances are it's a scam.


                  You could get creative with your advertising, make humorous Youtube videos or if you don't trust your own creativity, ask a friend or hire a better known youtuber. 


                  Of course there are more ways but I hope this is a good start.