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    Starting a Business under F1

    s_sam01 Newbie

      Hello friends,


                     I know you people have seen this title very often with same repeated forums. But thanks to these same repeated forums that gave me some food for thought.

      I am from India and pursuing MBA in Pittsburgh so bottomline is I am on F1 Visa.

      I wish to start a business and create an LLC but I am not sure whether is it necessary to do so.

      The reason is I want to be an Export Merchant and export few things to India.

      My firm standing is I am not stealing any American jobs but infact creating employment indirectly and brining in revenue to US economy.


      So my queries are:

      1) Is it necessary to setup up a LLC to be an export merchant?

      2) I know things become little easy once you are a green card holder and I have read that one may apply for it while being under F1 status. So, how to initiate that process?

      3) How export regulations are different from starting a new business?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.