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    Tips for your websites success

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      A website is one of the first things that a potential client sees before determining if they are going to move on to your competition or stay with you! If you have a website with a poor design, that is confusing and without the right features you are most likely not satisfied with your websites results!


      With over 6 years of experience in Web Development and Graphic Design we have developed proper techniques to help your business succeed online! All of our web design and development services are backed by a professional Search Engine Optimization expert to make sure your website will be properly listed in GOOGLE for key terms that WILL generate you business.


      Here are 10 Basic Tips to having a website designed and developed that will generate the results YOU want!

      1. Call to action… If you don’t tell your visitor what to do on your website then how do you expect phone calls or results? If you want more phone calls for your business make sure you list your phone number stating “Call us Now”
      2. Have the right pages and features… Have features and pages that are important to generating you business, unrelated pages are not needed!
      3. Each page must have a purpose and action… Your contact page should make your visitors want to contact you and not stray away!
      4. Lead generator / Quick Contact form… Having a quick contact, free consultation or any other related form can get you potential clients instantly through your website!
      5. BLOG!!! A blog is potentially the most important feature on your Website! It not only keeps your visitors reading more about your business it helps search engines know your active and rank you for relating keywords!
      6. Make sure your website is Search Engine Optimized… Having a website that is not search engine optimized for your business is a extremely bad idea if you want to generate business online! Having a properly SEO optimized website will ensure you when a visitor is searching for you online they will find you!
      7. A Newsletter is a MUST… If you are not utilizing the newsletter feature you should NOW! This is a way to gather visitors through your website and keep them updated through email. This is a great way to generate more business with visitors that already visited and signed up for more information from you!
      8. Images & Photographs… But not to many… Like the old saying goes “A Picture / Photo tells a thousands words…”, so utilize it! Photographs and images are a great way to get your point across to your visitors! Quality is key and make sure your not overloading the visitor.
      9. Track and Improve... Without knowing what is generating you business how can you do better? Track your results!



      If any of you have questions feel free to ask away or contact me!