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    Starting Home Based Online Business

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      I am in US on H1B Visa. My wife is on H4 (dependent) visa. I would like to start a home based online business. My question is, can my wife work for my company ? If not, what other options do I have. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.



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          Hi "workfromhome"! Welcome to the community! Have you tried utilizing the "search" feature of the community to find the answers you are looking for? I have seen many topics about entrepreneurs sponsored by H1B Visas and some had very good information posted in response. Try searching for various keywords that might meet the criteria you are seeking. I found these articles about H1B Visas & H4 Visas. From what I have seen, there could be some concerns involving Immigration Laws and Income Taxes, so you definitely want to do your research before proceeding! Good luck!