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    small business + internet = love

    Spike Newbie

      I was browsing and i find this forum, and after reading some of the posts, i decided post my self this...

      The internet is a blessing for the small businesses, 10 yers ago onley a few people had acces to internet, now everyone dose. So, 10 yers ago you had to rent a space, if you dident own one, or buy it, you needed advertising, in papers, tv, etc. ; now you have all in one place, internet. You have advertising, a space to display your products, sell them, etc. The ideea of going from thousands of dolars/euros, and hours spend to manage your bussiness to a host, domain, google ads account, a website and a few clicks is mind blowing. What internet did for buisnesses was to minimise costs, maximising the clients pool.

      I opend this discution to see other peoples opinion on this matter.