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    Web site network ideas

    Graham Newbie

      I am looking for ideas from the business community (and possibly participation) in regard to the development of a global network of web sites branded under the term "Skise".


      I currently control 14+ of the Skise domain names / web site address for current and emerging markets eg China, India, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia, Australia, Europe, UK , USA etc,... see - bottom right hand side for 12 of these domain names.


      After 15 years of designing mainly internet portal web sites and selling them to see them developed further and eventually become bigger and profitable I am looking at this Skise network to be developed along similar lines as an ongoing concern.


      At the moment the sites are set up for Trend Trading data but I feel this has limited appeal even though I own the content for this area


      Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

      Any indication of you willing to participate in the development would be great?


      Any thoughts on funding would be helpful?


      Where am I?

      Im in Perth Western Australia

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          Graham Newbie

          Thank you to everyone that has viewed this question and the ones that have contacted me privately by email from the domain name registration details.


          I think I have found the web site format to use / jointly use which is being tested at the moment - a blindly fast, easy to use and configure BB software.


          The subject of the Skise network is being considered between a new and somewhat radical idea, the current subject content and the intergrated ratings, review and comparison theme


          For those that are interested, it will be between 6 and 18 months before we start work on it due to finishing an Australian Tourism Ratings Review and Comparison web site. If considering coming to Australia for business or leisure then hopefully the Holiday Locations web site will be ready for use

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            smallbus01 Adventurer

            Have you considered linking of those websites together to just one main website. It might help because one good review from one website would mean a good review to the other and so on and so forth. Just an idea that you might want to try.