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    A book that every merchant who accepts credit cards should read.

    keepemhonest Newbie

      I just found an excellent resource that literally every business who accepts credit cards should read.  It is called "The Smart Merchant's Guide to Reducing Merchat Credit Card Processing Fees".  Long title, but it delivers on just that.   You can find the book at or  It was written by a former executive in the processing industry who started an expense management firm specializing in helping businesses lower processing costs. 


      Another really good resource is  This website gives reviews of all the different processors.

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          Vince Adventurer

          Hi keepemhonest,


          I did have a couple questions for you, if you don't mind clarifying.


          • Are you affiliated with this "merchantmaverick" site?
            • Does merchantmaverick receive affiliate payments for new customers they refer? I am wary of these "review" sites because many of them get paid for sending new customers. Often the companies that pay the most receive the highest rating. Funny how that works, huh?!?
          • I noticed that you signed up for the Small Business Online Community back in 2008 and posted a message. Today you came back. Just curious- what brought you back to the SBOC?




          Vince (Forum Host)

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            saumie Wayfarer

            Hi guys,

                 I've been absent from this and many other forums for some time working on several endeavors.  My background is that of a long-time, very successful merchant services rep.  In 2005, I was taken out of the field due to neck cancer which now, I am happy to say, is no longer an issue as I am CANCER FREE, PRAISE GOD.  Anyway, the resulting treatment left me with greatly reduced vocal strength and endurance, therefore making it virtually impossible to continue in the field.

                 Since being off (by the way, I'm at the ripe old age of 63), I developed a website that features articles relative to this industry as well as others that I feel are beneficial to merchants for increasing business or improving efficiencies.  One of the things I offer is a FREE email course entitled "Understanding Credit Card Processing".  It is delivered in 14 easily digestible, informative lessons delivered over a period of approximately one month.  It is not meant as a solicitation for merchants business although, my contact information is available for any that feel they want, or need my personal help.

                 My career was always built on forming mutually rewarding relationships with merchants.  One of the best ways to do that, of course, is to take a personal interest in them and their business and EDUCATE THEM, not simply SELL THEM.  There are, unfortunately, way to many unethical money hungry individuals in this industry and merchants need to look out for themselves.  This is primarily why I developed my email course.  For anybody interested, you can check me out at

                 I'm not familiar with the two sources mentioned in this thread but will be checking them out.