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    I need a push :-)

    Johnson Newbie

      Not sure where to start. and somehow google headed me off in this direction. I am self-employed. With a huge following. However due to massive competition over the last couple years, I was slowly getting squeezed out. when I first started, I was making good money, then the big guys came in with guns a fireing, and under cut many of us ltlle guys by as much as 70%!! By the time I was about to quit there was just me an one other solo guy in tihs huge city.  Which is fine, I needed a change.


      Several bigger companies that I spoke too, would like to really have me on board. The problem that I run into is that I need some start-up capitol. Beginning of this year is was in a nasty accident which stuck me out of commision for a bit (5mos)  and the truck rolled into scrap metal (that pretty much was the biz) - Not too bad considering I have over 2.4million miles OTR. with zero accidents and no tickets. So it was bound to happen.


      All the places I check on line for either a grant or a loan are scams, fake or otherwise. I have not banked in 30yrs so banking is not an option (and please no ".. well you should have ______"). Everything I buy is cash only (my great grandma said if you can't save up for it, you dont need it). We live pretty nice too - you'd be surprised what you can do w/o credit (our scociety is too credit heavy) - there are some down sides too - such as emergencies like I am experiencing.


      All 3 companies that are interesting in having me aboard can garuntee me a minimum of 800/wk avt 1k. - they said with my experience there would be something wrong if i could not.


      I need to get a LLC or SP and a ton of equipment (non of which I used when I was running, I guess DOT is gettting strict in that area) and of course a replacement truck. The initial investment would be less than 10k - trust me, being in the automotive industry, I know right were to go and who to talk to. My last truck was under 3k and it lasted for 5yr until this accident.


      I have records and references from prior clients if needed - all big businesses, not "mom and pop" shops. RePayment can be started as soon as 90 days. And given the type of work, probably all back in less the 24mo. 36 at the latest (but not likely that long).


      So as you can see, small and simple. I am nervous about other places on the net as they just don't feel right. When it comes for information on finances.. this site looks safe enough.


      If not..

      can anyone point is a good general direction - not guess - someone / company or otherwise you KNOW has help in matters like this.


      Thanks for reading.