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    Business Mugs - Gift mugs - Customer Appreciation Gifts!

    StevenInc Newbie is a new site that caters to small businesses.
      We manufacture high quality custom decorated Mugs for your business promotions .

      We are digital print shop, so there are no setup charges, color charges or minimum orders.
      Best of all you can view your mug design in 3D before you purchase.
      Select one of four convenient ways to send your images to
      Advanced 3D imaging technology enables us to send you back a virtual preview
      of your mug.

      All mugs are 4.95 each.

      Thank you,
      Steven Benjamin
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Steven, Good Marketing and a GREAT price for Mugs.
          I am a Quickbooks Consultant with clients all over the U S A.
          Tell us more. How long in Business?? How long have you been in
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              StevenInc Newbie
              Thanks for the positive feedback LUCKIEST.
              Kim and I started the business back in 2004.
              I was working for a private bank (as a programmer) that purchased a large quantity of custom business premiums.
              At that time I developed Over the years Kim and found that our customers prefered to call or email us
              rather than take the time to go through the mug design process online. The more we abandon technology in favor of personal
              contact, the more repeat business we received. So with that in mind, I created I consider to
              our "Information Dirt Road" approach to selling our product on the web.
              We did away with all the fancy "design your mug online" widgets and
              streamlined the process to three easy steps.
              1. Send us your picture(s) - We made that easy too.
              2. Tell us what you have in mind for your mug design.
              3. Tell us who you are. (Name and Email) \\ \\ Then we do all the work and send back a 3D animated preview. \\ The Preview is not some cheesy image overlay. \\ I have programmed a Neural Net Image mapper that display a photo realistic preview of the mug. \\ You will see exactly what your mug will look like before we make the mug. \\ \\ We moved from Chicago to Scottsdale last July (2007).So we are still making new friends and \\ getting situated. The business is up and running and our daily capacity is currently 500 Mugs/Day. \\ \\ The majority of our business is highly customized short runs, Most of our orders are between 12-36 Mugs. \\ We do a majority of customer appreciation gifts that are targeted to our client's best customer. \\ \\ We have found that nobody throws away a mug. \\ Mugs are a great way to keep your name current with your customers.
              Thank you and if there is anything else I can tell you, please ask.

              Steven Benjamin