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    Lottery Ticket Courier Service

    odgrell Adventurer

      I've been contemplating the idea of starting a lottery ticket courier service wherein I would purchase lottery tickets on behalf of my clients. I think it would be a viable business model because lottery tickets are not currently available online and this would make it much more convenient for people to participate in lottery drwaings. I would purchase the tickets from authorized lottery dealers on behalf of my customers who could place orders through my website and charge a small fee for the service. I would be selling the service as opposed to re-selling tickets. I cannot find anything in the lottery's rules and regulations that prohibits this and there are companies that seem to offer similar services, though none of them appear to be based in the US. If anyone has any insight regarding the legality of this business model, I would appreciate hearing it. Also, if you would immediately percieve a service like this as 'shady' I would like to know that as well as that won't be good for business either. Thanks everyone!