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    Biggest frustration in your business

    Mattayo Newbie

      Hey I'm new here and I thought I would ask a broad question to some of the business owners on here. What is the biggest problem you run into in running your business. This could be a general problem that any business owner could run into or it could be something specific to what you do. I'd love to hear some answers and I think any potential suggestions that could crop up could help a lot of people. Thanks for any replies.

        • Biggest frustration in your business
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Broad questions get broad answers.

          Tell us more about you FIRST

          The biggest problem I have running my business is

            • Biggest frustration in your business
              Mattayo Newbie

              I guess I shouldn't have expected answers to such a broad question without introducing myself a little. I am young and plan on becoming a web developer. While I don't currently run a business, I have been raised in a family that runs a successful small business and plan on some day having my own. As a web developer, I will be making websites and web based applications. The latter part of that job description is what motivated me to make this post. I want to be in the business of solving problems and what better way to find out what problems need an online application based solution than to ask people running businesses every day.

            • Biggest frustration in your business
              LUCKIEST Guide

              Thanks, As I said last time, some of the biggest problems in running a business are:

              Inadequate knowledge of common business practices

              Improper appearance

              Lack of technical info


              Know it all attitude

              Cash flow


              Govt regulations

                • Biggest frustration in your business
                  Bugun IT Wayfarer


                  For some reason our posts were deleted from this portal.


                  My conversation with other fellows were deleted earlier, I thought it was a system glitch but now I have a second thought about this event. I will contact the admin and BofA.


                  I am not sure if you received my last response to you in the removed conversation. If not, please let me know so that I will send you the information about Bugun IT.

                    • Biggest frustration in your business
                      LUCKIEST Guide

                      I agree with you SO MANY of my posts also get deleted.

                      Let us know what happens when you contact "admin and BofA"


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                          SBC Team Guide

                          Bugun IT & LUCKIEST,


                          I understand it can be frustrating to have posts deleted. Hopefully, I can shed a little light on this.


                          Posts are typically removed for violating our Community Guidelines.  If you stay within these eight guidelines, your post should be fine.


                          Also, we don't allow posts that are simply attempts to promote your business, or obtain "link juice" from the SBOC.  Occasionally, posts will be removed if they are short and not helpful, such as "Google it!"  (this is also listed in the Community Guidelines).


                          LUCKIEST- You have contributed some great responses lately! Thank you for your helpful contributions!


                          SBOC Team 

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                              Bugun IT Wayfarer

                              SBOC Team,


                              Thank you for you response to our concern about deleted posts. 


                              I understand the reasons of deleting posts with links in context.  As the name of this portal indicates, this is a portal for small business community for online communication.  Every post is business related.  We need to know what other businesses do or cannot do.  Whoever is making a decision to delete messages without getting concent from both sides is not doing a favor the great minds who made a decision to start this portal.


                              Also, please explain the reason why my posts were deleted in "Should American's Outsource to India?" discussion.  I did not promote my business there.  All I said was "decision makers should reconsider their decisions prior to exporting IT jobs to India.".  I am pretty sure, there are many members of this community would like to know the answer to this question.


                              Bugun IT