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    Interactive Website Start-up.. HELP!!!

    rugbyjjb Newbie

      Hello All,


         First off, I could use some help in direction rather quick! To get you dialed in here are the basics, I have come up with an idea that Is very marketable and can / will generate revenue rather quickly (or so i believe). This idea is based on starting a website, and sucessfully marketing it to population dense areas. For obvious purposes I will remain rather general with this post. 2nd, my backround... I have extensive sales backround in many different fields along with what I beleive to be developed business practices. However what I do not have is an extensive tech backround.


      MY PROBLEM.... I have a lot of questions that I can not seem to find answers to...


      This site must be interactive, with similar properties of a forumn as well as a site that allows users to create (extremely basic profiles)


      So my issues are:


      - How can I gather enough info to make a highly functioning site? Should I bother doing it myself, with general knowledge of computers,coding,etc.? Cost of having it done? (general)


      - Any charts/ sites I can visit to get general revenue expectations based on housing advertisments and site traffic.... (google adsense is the only that i know of)


      - How much monthly cost for site maintenance? moderation? security????


      - Bandwith costs? How much bandwidth will i need for  10k users  100k users etc.... (note.. they will not be uploading much in the way of pictures... just text... very very basic.



      - Lastly, any general ideas of reference material I should look into... from basic online startup material to managment of websites? 




      I thank you very very much for all the time and help!