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    Small Restaurant Poll Question

    amspcs Ranger

      Looking for input from small restaurant business owners.

      Do you utilize a professional POS system installed in your place of business?  I'm talking about a multi-faceted computer point-of-sale system, not just a cc machine.

      If so, what kind?

      If not, what are your reason(s) for not using such a system?

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          SBC Team Guide

          Sounds like an official poll question to us.  So, The specified item was not found..


          You'll see the poll results after you vote. If you would like to expand on your answer, feel free to reply to this thread with more details.




          The SBOC Team

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              Craig Parker Tracker

              TinaPOS was originally designed for restaurants.  It became something else, and now is OpenBravoPOS, part of (but still sort of separate) the openbravo ERP.  I'd grab that if I were you.  I helped with the documentation once upon a time, and set it up in general stores and a hair salon.  It was a breeze to use back then (TinaPOS days) and I imagine it's even better now.

              And it's free...