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    Loan to purchase overseas properties

    baangoo Newbie

      I am looking to acquire a mortgage / loans / individual investor money to fund the purchase of properties overseas.

      My mortgage broker got back to me last week saying, he was unable to find a bank to fund me such loans.
      I also spoke to Countrywide and First Horizon, neither of them provide funding for such loans.

      Any idea who could provide me with loans to fund overseas properties?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Loan to purchase overseas properties. We can help. First tell us more Where are you located??
          • Where are these properties located overseas. Overseas covers a lot of territories.*
          How soon, How much and for How long??. What is your background??
          Tell me more so I can write a check. Do you have a Business Plan on each of these properties.
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            baangoo Newbie

            Location => Mumbai (financial capital of India)
            Why => Just got back from Mumbai 24 hours ago, did the all needed spadework. Spoke to brokers, saw properties, met CPAs, personally tried to lease out Dad's commerical space - just so I feel the pulse of the current market conditions - felt extremely positive.
            How Much => Minimum half a million, maximum multi million dollar projects.
            How soon => I have shortlisted several good commerical projects, buildings are move in ready, some are ready 6 to 2 months from now.
            My Background => Worked on Wall Street last 10 years for all major banks, currently at Goldman Sachs.
            My Objective => To make lots of money by sticking to a solid long term investment plan
            My Credentials => I spent the last 2 weeks in Mumbai working with Dad's CPAs (he knows them since the last 25 years - helped him personally with his property investments), real estate agents and banks circling the financial district of Mumbai. Having researched this way, I have now come up with a detailed spreadsheet justifying why this would be a great ROI over a longer term of 10 to 5 years.
            I am currently working on the Cash Flow Statements and the Business Plan.

            If interested, lets talk asap.
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              walterdon Newbie
              hello friend good day to you,are you into real business which has profitable potentials i had like to know cause i realy want to go into investing ,do email me at perhaps we go on from there.

              Walter Don