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    advice/opinion needed: Original Pieces of Irish music - would it interest you?

    ciaran00 Newbie

      Hi guys,


      Ciaran here. I just want to write a quick question, my thanks in advance  to those who take the time to answer, all responses will help me out a  lot.


      I write and sell original pieces of Irish music,both audio and notation  (framed, printed on canvas, printed on parchement scroll, printed on  t-shirt etc) so if you think of Irish music and any of the various dance  types (jigs, reels etc)that's what I write and sell. It's unique  because It's the customer who chooses the title, and once it's bought,  that tune is removed automatically from the site.


      I am posting here because research has led me to believe that because of  the close links between Ireland and the US culturally, that you guys  might be interested in such a product.


      so basically my question is, do you guys think it might be a viable  product in the American market? would it be of interest to you or anyone  you know?


      many thanks in advance, apologies to those who it doesn't interest,