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    Letting employees work at home

    BBruin Wayfarer

      Anyone have any good ground rules for allowing employees work from home?  I'm thinking of letting 2 of my best guys work from home on a trial basis since they have requested it.  I trust them and they are very valuable, but I feel like I need some set of conditions before I set them loose.  Anyone else done this from a small business standpoint?

        • Letting employees work at home
          LUCKIEST Guide

          To really answer your question with substance, you would have to tell us more.

          Yes you need some conditions and we need more info.

          What kind of business??

          Working from home saves getting dressed (for the office) and gas driving to work.

          How will you know when they are working and when they are playing golf or tennis??

          How will you monitor how the work is getting done??

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              BBruin Wayfarer

              They are my tech support guys and they communicate soley by email and phone so I'm just going to have them cc me on all emails and write short reports about phone calls.  There should be enough time for that.  Plus emails go through company so I have access to it all to see if they leave anything undone.  I don't really care what they do or how long they work as long as they get the work done.  I think I have all the bases covered, perhaps I should just post back if I run into any snags... anyway, if anyone has run into problems themselves I'd be happy to hear about it to know what to look out for.

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              Lunar Knight Wayfarer

              You're giving them a lot of room to stretch their legs by letting them work from home. So it's good that you trust them.


              My suggestion is to set something up amongst your computer systems so that you can keep tabs on them. Although that doesn't sound very trusting, as LUCKIEST pointed out - how will you know when they're working, and when they're playing golf?


              Use a program that allows remote access to their desktops. If you're computer savvy, you can use this to see their activity in Windows, such as when they logged on/off, what programs they ran, what errors occurred during their time on the computer, etc.

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                mhtechsol Wayfarer

                There are many email ticket systems - some of which are free. The customer requiring tech support can create a ticket (either by your web site or sending an email to an email address that the ticket system then reads and processes into a support ticket). Then you can track the employees if they are responding to each ticket, the time they did it, etc. If they are stumped on a request, they can forward that ticket to a supervisor that is configured in the system to handle any higher-tier requests.


                The ticket system can monitor activity of your employees as well. Something to think about if it fits your needs.