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    International shipping help

    Crystal Newbie
      I am shipping around 10k of computers to an office that is in Africa.

      DHL Global Forwarding does not offer enough shipping as it is based on weight, and of course computers are more than what they allot.

      Any advice? Should i not worry? Will DHL cover for loss? damage? I really am not familiar, and they are more or less passive on any qustion i ask.

      Any advice on extra insurance? Is it even necessary?

      What if the entire crate just gets wet or busted? Is there anything i can do? what are the odds.

      I assume you can see my distress!

      Any tips?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Crystal, Always go to the expert when you have a question. I am sure you will get many good answers.
          Your bio says you and company are "An Export Company that focuses on bringing affordable prices to
          developing nations". That is a great mission statement.
          How long have you been in business??.
          I am a SCORE Consultant and in our chapter we have a person who is an expert in " Foreign operations;
          international trade". Maybe if we get more info, he can help answer you,
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger

            Perhaps you should use a specialist. Contact APEX LOGISTICS in Grapevine, Texas. They can arrange all the shipping and deal with the customs hassels as well and will help out if the shipment is damaged

            This 10K is that the total value of the shipment or the unit count?
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                Crystal Newbie

                That is great. Do you have a connection with them? should i drop your name?

                Yes, the 10k is for 10,000$ in hardware.

                I also have some orders that are around 80,000$ in value but none have gone through yet... Risky market. That is where i really need some assistance in shipping as DHL Global Forwarding is a great service, pretty cheap too. Hopefully your reccomendation will have experience in serving that area of E Africa.

                Anyone have any bright ideas for a payment method for my clients that can protect me in some way? I was thinking going through the Import/Export bank. The stuff i send i dont think are 51% US MADE so i cant get their operation loans assistance/insurance against nonpayment.

                  • I will also give SCORE a shout. what is the name of the rep i should ask for?

                LUCKY ASKED :How long have you been in business??. Just for 1 year.
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                DS Logistics Newbie

                Feel free to give me a call. My company offer services to almost every country.
                Please check us out at
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                  bizstart Wayfarer
                  It looks like this post has been up for a while, so guessing the computer shipment is all set, but thought I'd mention DSi is definitely a company worth investigating for anyone with regular international (or domestic) freight shipping needs. They'll go out of their way to take care of you and offer a freight savings guarantee that can be quite substantial - in the neighborhood of 20%-25%. Rob Snowdale, their CEO, is a gem.