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    International Invest. question with some Tax implications

    Crystal Newbie

      I have a question!

      I run a small export company. We are going to INVEST in a company in one of our international locations. That indipendent location handles our sales.

      The investment is in the form of around 7000 USD in Computers. I am also the "corporate coach" for the international location.

      Our relationship as of now is 2 seperate entities.

      The agreement we are going into right now is that if i invest the 7000 in IT hardware, ill get 50% shares.

      Now. Here is my question. I can position this in 2 ways.

      1 - A Loan

      2 - A Capital Investment

      IF i invest as a loan to the company there, is it fair to ask for 50% shares resulting in an ROI for me of around 2000% by year end of the second year? If the company there is also taking a loan for the other 50% start up costs, is it fair? Especially when I am here and not directly HANDS ON on the operations. Also, what do you think if i make sure the partner over there is getting paid? Does that aleviate any of the flak i may see in the future as an 'unfair inverstor?' I am really trying to avoid any sourness in the future.

      3 - In addition to this, my question is what if i just make it a capital investment of cash (computers), and then just cash in on the dividends/year end capital returns? If this more fair? The down side i see here is that my returns will be after government tax in that country, and then again taxed on my income. I may be able to get docs to show that and avoid double tax here, but there may be an easier way.

      I dont know the internatioanl tax implications yet, i would have to talk to their embassy. But should it be like the US, would it make sence if the company over there was an S corp or LLC? Then would i dodge that first taxation?

      Any tips would be great! Sorry for the exteended question. I hope its clear
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          LUCKIEST Guide
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