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    usjobs Newbie

      Hi Friends

      Hope you are having wonderful time.


      My name is Rahul and i am from India.I have recently joined this community to fulfill my dream of starting a business of my own.My idea is to open a Retail Store that will have all things from Food to Grocery.Initially it will be a small setup and once the business grows it will be expanded.


      The idea is to to collaborate with Small Indian and Chinese Companies  to provide us all the things and it wil be sold in US Market as most of companies do.Main thing is to tap the Indianas and Chinese people in US.The indian Food,Clothes and Species are in great demamd all part of the world  and whenever a individual leaves his home country and moves to some other country he/she always look for shops where they can find their home country items,like when people from European Countries visit Asain Countries and they look for McDonaldd,KFC to name a FEW.


      Secondly it gives chance for local people to have an idea about one's culture,food and lot other things.This is win win situation for all of us as Food and Retail Industry is one of the largest growing industries and it can tapped easily.I am looking for individuals who share the same dream like me of starting a Business and be their own BOSS.Maybe we may be the next WalMart,Kohl's.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome. It sounds great. Where are you located?? and where and when do you plan on starting??

          To create a business from nothing and succeed at it requires motivation and perserverance.

          A "retail store" has to purchase product and sell them to others at a higher price.

          Did you do a "marketing survey"??

          Then go forward with MORE detailed plans.

          Good luck

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              usjobs Newbie

              Hi Luckie,


              Thanks for your response.


              Currently i am located in India and has already has small business of designing clothes.I am trying to open in IL State as i have  done the market survey over there and there are lot of Indians and Chinese people in this region which are always looking for Indian Store to buy products and local people will be always there.


              Secondly i have tied up with small vendors who are in India and are ready to provide me with the items as per the demand.I can export lot of items from India and China and can sell them.


              The main problem is the Finance and finding the perfect location  as i am looking for locations in IL (Chicago,Warrenville,Naperville) and finding someone to find the location and help in some financing.


              The process will take 1-2 months since i have to move to US and get it started but i need someone to be present over there as when i come i will be able to sell the product.


              Products will be in made in India and will be sold in US but i need to someone help me in that.


              Let me know how to proceed.