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    anitaflood Newbie

      I would like to sell some International Desings how would I go about finding a distributor. I have a business plan and marketing all done. I'm also trying to get grants money to help out with cost. If someone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

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          How can I help??

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            phanio Pioneer

            That is a broad question - what types of designs - what type of distributor?  I would suggest this - search for trade associations in your industry.  They will have a list of distributors that you could start with - or - sales reps who already have relationships with the people you are trying to get in touch with.

            You might even try some of the online trade show sites or visit some trade shows in person.

            Regarding grants - you are probably wasting your time - grants (especially here in the US) just do not work that way.  Most of those who put grants out want very specific items or products in return.

            I would suggest that you try to find distributors or buyers - get purchase orders - then use those orders to get financing to deliver.


            Best of luck.