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    Buyerzone...Legit or scam?

    amspcs Ranger

      I was wondering if anybody out there has had experience, good or bad, with Buyerzone, Vendorseek, or similar lead generating services?

      Are they legitimate, or otherwise?

        • Buyerzone...Legit or scam?
          Financial Holding Corporation Wayfarer


          Its seems they are more of a data marketing service than anything else. I dont know if they could get you more business than you can by listing your company to a bunch of free & paid directories and emailing / contacting each of the companies listed there. [assuming the fee they charge is to market and solicit business for you]

          I would research what other type of outside online services they offer.. I used a company once who went door 2door promoting and reselling services to local businesses whom got more results than online services. Yet, that was about 4 years ago. Hope my input was helpful.

          • Buyerzone...Legit or scam?
            smccormick Newbie

            Hi there, just in response to the response above, here's a rundown of how BuyerZone works.


            BuyerZone is basically an online marketing company that provides quality leads to B2B companies. As a website, BuyerZone primarily uses search marketing (paid and non-paid) to generate leads in different industries and categories. This means that the leads you get from BuyerZone are people and companies that are actively searching on the Internet for the product or service that your company sells. For example, a person searching for a copier lease on Google would land on one of BuyerZone's pages, answer a couple of questions about their needs, give their contact information, and get matched to companies that can take care of those needs. BuyerZone then sends the companies the lead information.


            It's a service that works best for small businesses that are finding it hard to compete on the web against big brands. It also works well for vendors of big brands who want to compete on a local or regional level. Here's more info on BuyerZone leads; to speak with someone about the program you can call 888-346-3164 or email


            I hope that helps -- just trying to clear up any confusion about the way BuyerZone works!