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    Really need help financing my upstart

    Logodude Wayfarer

      I am in the process of starting my business and have theball rolling. The problem is that I am using every red cent that I own to do so. My credit is not so hot and I am currently talking to someone from the SBA; who is mentoring me on what to do. I am starting a clothing line and I also need ideas on how to build my business credit. I do have ideas on how to finance this endeavor ,but what I need is maybe some info that I don,t know about.

        • Really need help financing my upstart
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome. tell us more.  Where are you??


          How much of an investment??


          Do you have a Federal I D Number?? A business plan??


          How can we contact you??

          • Really need help financing my upstart
            phanio Pioneer

            Couple of things:

            1) Trying to build business credit to get around your poor personal credit rarely works - most lenders know these trips.

            2) As a start up (with bad credit and I am sure very limited cash flow) - you only option would be to leverage some personal assets or personal relationships (termed bootstrapping).  We have an entire section about this on our website.


            Things you might look into:  Google crowd funding and see if there is a site that might cater to your needs and industry. Have you tried tapping your friends and family for a loan or investment?  Look into peer-to-peer loans - might have a better chance here than with traditional banks. Use personal assets like stocks, savings accounts, home equity, retirement plans (IRAs, 401(k), etc) to self fund or secure a loan.


            Most people in your stage of development self fund via personal savings, assets and personal credit cards.  It is just the way business goes.


            Lastly, you might think about hitting the pavement first - lining up customers - e.g. getting purchase orders in hand - then using those orders to finance the fulfillment of those orders - google Purchase Order Financing.


            Best of luck!