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    How can I establish a Corporation in a foreign Market?

    MetovexInc Wayfarer

      Hello SB Community,




      I've been an avid reader of this forum and decided it is time to register and participate in the discussions. So I go on to say thank you for any responses that this discussion gets.


      A wonderful opportunity presented itself to me not to long ago. I have access to utilize 5 hectares of land for agricultural purposes, 14 hectares for Mining Purposes with the ability to lease/purchase additional plots in an emerging market in the Caribbean.


      My relationship scope consists of the Director of Geology for the country with Laboratory Facilities, Agricultural Specialist, Agronomist, and Manager of Security Firm.


      I’m sure these individuals can expand on my relationship capacity, but this is what is tangible in terms of immediate contact.


      The truth is, I have no experience in Agriculture, or Mining. I only interned with an African Trust Company whom captured opportunity elsewhere. I assisted in the constructing a business plan, however, I did not see the physical aspect of establishing such a corporation other than creating charts, and typing sections in a business plan.


      In other words, I am due to meet soon with my contacts however; I am a little bit worried of being under prepared. Though it is the initial meeting, I want to ask the right questions and appear of use.


      I understand theoretically what I am to do. This is constructing a company where I can take a leadership approach in the business model. Raise Capital, and insure operations from a financial point of view are kosher, implement strategies (Which I have the capacity to establish) that can expand business operations, and build relationships.


      I have never started a business in this league but I have all the pieces to initiate. I have no mentor with the specific knowledge I need to assist in creating the appropriate business model for Agriculture and Mining. Other than examining business models from already establish companies. But they do not reveal the details of their initial phases.


      I’m not necessarily an expert on any field, but I have strong soft and leadership skills that can allow me to put the pieces to the puzzle together and make it function. However, this project is in a different magnitude but I am confident in my ability to make it work.






      What are the crucial components in establishing a company dealing with several different industries?


      What Corporate Model is best to establish? (Trust Co.)


      How can I determine what agricultural products will produce high yield?


      How do I build a customer base? (Who are the immediate customers?)


      How can IP be used in commodities in a country?


      What documentation, information, or attitude must I bring when meeting with potential partners?




      What elements are crucial in the success of agriculture and mining in foreign markets?



      This is a bit lengthy, but answer what you can, or provide any type of feedback. Being this is my first real venture, other than creating online eBay commerce, or simple buying and reselling models, I want to appear useful.

      IF there is any literature that can assist me by all means I am an avid reader! or If there is a community in which I can ask these questions too it would be wonderful.


      Thank You Warmly