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    Start up funding loans

    Jilliave Newbie

      My 2 colleagues and I are looking to open a business.  We are very confident that we can do well, but over the past few years all of us have fallen on hard times and we don't have the money or credit to get something going.  We know we'll be successful, but just need the jump start.


      I started looking online for ways to make it work and I came across Express Funding Group and Biz2credit.  I saw a thread on here about a scam via Express Funding Group, but can't find if that company was actually legit. 


      Does anyone know if either of these companies are legitimate?  Have you gotten a loan through them and all was good? 


      Biz2Credit is listed on BBB with an A- rating.  I can't find Express Funding Group on there.


      Any info or guidance would be appreciated!

        • Start up funding loans
          phanio Pioneer

          Most start-up businesses cannot get loans - that is just the way business goes.  Banks and other lenders what to get paid back (that is how they make their money).  Like it or not - it is just the way things are.

          To that note, there are many companies that promise to find you funding for an upfront fee.  Know that very few of these work.  To get money, you actually have to demonstrate to the lender that you can and will pay them back.  But, you state that you have no money and bad credit - both huge strikes against you.


          Express funding group is primarily a Business Cash Advance provider.  This requires that you accept credit cards as payment from your customers and have from over a year with a minimum monthly transaction level of around $5K per month.  They show other products on their site but it would seem that they only broker those out - for a fee of course.  Now, I might be wrong and this could be a great company.  I would only suggest that you call them up and ask questions - like what it will cost you and what you get (guaranteed) for that cost.


          Biz2credit - I am not sure about.  It would seem that they help you develop a profile and then help you submit it to difference lenders based on your needs.  This might be OK - but, I would caution that even if you submit your profile to a million lenders, if you cannot demonstrate an ability or willingness to repay - you will receive a million declines - thus wasting the money you pay to Biz2credit.  You should call them and listen to their pitch.


          Your best bet might be to find a partner with either money or the good credit to off-set your weaknesses - or get out and try tapping your friends and family for a loan or investment.  Take that investment and start building your business.  Once you have some results - then, you will have more financing options open to you - based on your business and not your personal credit and lack of money.


          Best of luck.

          • Start up funding loans
            Tim Jacquet Adventurer

            I agree with Phanio. Biz2Credit is a consultant that tries to get you establish several months and broker out services. I suggest you get with the Small Development Business at your local university for seminars and classes and meet with a SCORE rep at the SBA. I lot of stuff you can do yourself.