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    Can you receive W2 income as an employee, then hire your corporation?

    akgold Adventurer

      Hello Community,


      In ideal situations, as a consultant I do business to business consulting. A situation came up, and I am evaluating the option of going through a contract employment agency for a cool project where the company with whom I will be consulting has a temporary hold on onboarding new vendors (hence the need to deal with a contract employment agency). If this is the case, can I go through an agency, be paid by the agency as a W2 employee, then hire my corporation for the work? I was not sure if there is a way to reduce the W2 tax burden AND write off my company's expenses. If there is a firewall between being a W2 employee for a contract agency and my corporation, then this can be problematic.


      I will consult my accountant but thought this might be a good topic to ask the community. Thanks,