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    How a Writer Can Help Your Online Revenues Grow

    Carlo Wayfarer

      The inherent competitive nature of business,  coupled with a   tightening economy, forces all entrepreneurs to  question how they can   grow their revenues during a recession.  When  consumers are tightening   their wallets, how can you set your business  apart to win their   hard-earned dollars?


      In economically stringent times,  where consumers are each spending   less, expanding your customer base is  the best way to increase your   revenues. With the help of a writer, you can take advantage of  several  marketing and SEO  opportunities that will grow your customer  base.  Working with a  writer specializing in online content is  one of the  most  effective, yet affordable, marketing campaigns you could   implement for  your business.


      Hiring a writer to improve your web copy


      An  experienced copywriter can revamp your website content,   making  your copy more appealing to your visitors. Good writers   have an  ability to completely understand your branding strategy and   portray  your message in a highly effective way – often better than you    originally visualized.


      For example, if you have  website that sells holiday gift baskets,   your writer can  transport the reader into visualizing (and  even  tasting) the delectable  luxuries that satisfy even the most   discriminating palate.  This is  far more powerful than your current   website content which reads, “This  three-tiered gift basket has many   tasty snacks and treats.”


      If  you find that your sales are slumping with the economic times, it   may  be appropriate to hire a freelance writer to improve the  conversion  of  your website content – helping you to capitalize upon  the traffic  that  is arriving at your website and maximizing the value  of each sales   ticket.


      Choosing a specialized writer to improve your content’s SEO


      Not  all writers are created equal; some are strictly trained in    journalism, while others have solid experience in copywriting. When it    comes to maximizing your online presence and revenues, it is critical  to   choose a writer that understands SEO. Even if you have the    world’s best web copy, without visitors to your website, those    compelling lines of prose do not help your bottom line.


      Your writer should understand how to eloquently use your   keywords,  sprinkling them into the articles to boost SEO standings,   while still  ensuring that your website content sounds very natural to   the “human”  reader.  A 3% to 5% keyword density is what your article   writer should  utilize, and your content writer should also understand   other  important SEO content considerations, such as latent-semantic    indexing, or LSI.


      Employ an article writer to build your backlinks


      The  most affordable marketing campaign is one that is free.  And if   you  can increase your natural search engine listings, then you have  the   most powerful marketing tool in the world – yet it comes  completely   free.  Having a solid SERP is akin to enjoying a storefront  in Times   Square, yet without paying any rent.


      To the end of  raising your search engine results page ranking,  hiring  an article  writer is one of the quickest ways to boost your  SEO.  An  article  writer who is versed in SEO will create compelling,  valuable  content  that will not only increase your website’s SEO, but  your online   expertise as well.  You can submit these articles to  directories,   ezines, and blogs, as well as publish them on your own  website.  The   backlinks these articles will create are an excellent  way to build your   search engine rankings, especially in the specific  keywords your   writer optimizes.


      Your writer is  one of your most powerful marketing tools.   Whether  you want SEO  articles, powerful web copy, intriguing blog posts,  or  newsletters that  will develop a loyal readership, your freelance   writer can help you  grow your revenues – even in economically stringent   times.