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    I am ready for my 1st exposure.What's next?

    Nikki De Dios Wayfarer

      Hi guys, I have posted my previous topic regarding on "how to expose my products". Now I am ready with our first exposure, me and my partners already have the man power plan, tent set up, and the space,the visual aids, financial calculations and stuff. I think we are ready to start!


      Now here is the set up, we are putting up a tent in a gas station and our products will be House cleaning detergents and Auto care products. The area will be filled ofcourse with drivers putting stuff for their cars and also their are apartments in their perfect for our Cleaning Products.


      Now what? This will be my first time and there is fear involve. For those that are experienced business owners or have tried to this kind of exposure, what advices that you can share with me in this situation? Do you have any gimmicks in mind or just anything that could help me brainstorm ideas?


      we are gonna conduct free demo for the product. info flyers on the tables. Anything else to add in mind?


      You,successful business owner or developer...How did you brought in customers to notice your business?

        • I am ready for my 1st exposure.What's next?
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          The main thing with the type of selling you are going to do is this- you will need to make sure they buy from you while you have them interested (while you are doing the demo).  If they leave to "think about it", 90% of the time they will not come back.  Or, they may go to Autozone or Wal-Mart to try to find the same types of products cheaper.


          Figure out ways to "sweeten the deal" so they will buy from you on the spot.  Have extra products you can "throw in" to get to get them to say "yes".  Could be some cleaning rags, or an extra spray bottle.


          Oh, and if you can, get a wireless credit card machine so you can swipe their credit/debit card.  Most people don't carry much cash, and they rarely write checks anymore.  It's a proven fact that accepting credit cards will boost your revenue by at least 30%.


          Good luck!



          • Re: I am ready for my 1st exposure.What's next?
            LUCKIEST Guide

            Why fear. A little fear is good. You and your partners sound ready.

            Where are you located?? When does this event start?? How long will it continue??

            Have you developed a Business Plan as compared to the "manpower plan"??

            Did you contact your local newspaper or T V station to see if they will run a story about your exposure??

            The primary purpose of your exposure is to build a good reputation for you and your business.

            This will lead to increased sales and hopefully increased profits.

            Good luck