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    Business Idea - Seeking Advice

    AwkwardEvil Newbie

      Hello, I am seeking advice on a business idea me and my girlfriend have been formulating our brains arounds for a while and wondering where to start.

      The idea is for a small herbal tea business in which we would be selling tea bags that have specific blends of herbs ment for many reasons; ie. one for relaxation, one for sleep, one for feeling chippier, etc, etc.

      We have the teas all planned out. Already have thoughts on a decent supplier (and a back-up choice just in the off chance something were to happen). We have a pretty steady business plan, just no idea for a name for the business yet, and are unsure if there are any legal/financial suggestions that should be made.

      We are starting the business in the city of Greene, ME, and we have people already out and about spreading the words about my girlfriends amazing herbal teas and so we do know that the word of the business would spread fast.

      Just am unsure if there is anything people can suggest so we don't end up starting up the business and forgetting about something overly crucial.

      Any suggestions on if this kind of business, and any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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          2010Emily Wayfarer

          I like ur idea and best regards to u and ur girlfriend.


          Here is my advicing for the supplier type u may will contact.To make contact and choose the supplier fitted to ur small business:

          About Three types suppliers as bellow:


          1.The first type supplier is a big factory and manufacturer,they always supply large quantity lower price to their customers.But the MOQ is very large.

          2.Second type of the supplier is retailer and wholesaler,they have experience on retail and can give u a wholesale price if the quantity is larger than one.

          3.The third type supplier is retailer and supply one MOQ for all goods,but the price is retail price,can not give u lower price than the second one supplier.


          Though my business is wedding dress and evening dress business different from u. But my trading business is going on more than 6 years and my working is going on more than 1 years.I am still glad to share my experience and my submit thoughts to u and ur girlfriend.Best regards to both of u.Good luck. : )

          • Business Idea - Seeking Advice
            cwby92 Newbie

            Dear Awkward,


            It's a nice idea and could do well.  A word of caution - you are correct to have concerns about any legal questions that this type of product may raise, and it revolves around the area of claim substantiation.  Any time you market a product that's intended to, e.g., promote relaxation, affect mood, enhance sleep, etc., you tread dangerously close to making claims that require unequivocal support to prove that those claims can be made.  The gold standard in the world of claim substantiation is "competent and scientific evidence" which typically means clinical studies, which cost nothing short of a large fortune (consider how many millions were invested in the development of pharmaceuticals like Ambien, Prozac, and other products that legally make such claims).  Chances are, unless you can get hundreds of dollars per bag and sell thousands of them, this type of investment isn't feasible.


            This isn't to say that you can't or shouldn't market such a product, but be extremely careful about what you say the product will do, either explicitly, or IMPLIED (the latter is the more subtle aspect, where most people get tripped up).  As an example, stating the product will help you sleep is an explicit claim.  Stating it 'contains ingredients known to promote sleep' is slightly less-so, but still problematic (especially without that clinical proof).  Giving the product a relatively ambiguous descriptor (like "Nighttime") or using graphics of a moon and stars on the package are obviously safer, more defensible approaches.  That's probably the direction you want to go. 


            Otherwise, best advice I can give is to speak with (or make friends with) an attorney with some experience in FDA regulations.  Good idea to do upfront, but an absolute must if this shows any signs of taking off.


            Good luck to both of you!