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    I need tips on how expose my products

    Nikki De Dios Wayfarer

      Hi everybody,


      I just started a distribution business.I'm based in southern California,specifically in san fernando valley. I've been in the business for three months and so far I have good sales through personal referals and contacts. I am new in the area, I have tried sending out flyers, but it's costly and I have no time to stand the wholeday on the streets just to give every paper out. I need to expose my products, since I am going to school part-time, TIME is also my competition.


      What're the best ways to expose my products in the public?


      I'm thinking on joining expos or lease a small space.Do you know any events or market place that I could rent out atleast once a week?Events or expo or just a space around san fernando valley or even in los angeles county area where it offers Affordable price for lease?


      Any strategies you might advice me? By the way, I distribute products under the category of anti aging,personal care,cleaning stuff,weight management,cosmetics,health and wellness. but I focus mostly on cosmetics and health and wellness. Should I display everything in one location or depending on the location one specific product only?


      I really need some advice. Thanks!

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Hi, I personally think that flyers are a waste of time and money.

          You should get your products into trade shows, cosmetics shows, and maybe even farmers markets.

          If you really need help, contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can help you with a marketing plan.

          Good luck

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          • I need tips on how expose my products
            WSBryanJaneczko Wayfarer

            A really simple and easy strategy that you can do now is, wrangle all the emails that you have together of your existing customers and send them a newsletter with a promo of "% off your next purchase" if you invite a friend to make a purchase. Or something along that line. This might take a little time but this will definitely get more people to talk about your products.


            I also encourage you to attend tradeshows, I wouldn't sell individually at tradeshows but instead sell to a buyer for larger stores who would like to carry your products.


            I would also contact your local newspaper, blog, magazine etc. to see if they would like to do a profile on you and your business. Getting media attention is a great way to promote yourself.


            Let me know if you have further questions & I hope that helps,


            Bryan Janeczko, founder of Wicked Start