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    Re: A new software developed.

    techgenius Wayfarer

      Hi All,


      Was wondering if someone could guide me. I am in the final stages of completing an unique software package.

      (also with the copyrights)


      Who can use this software :


      Banks, lawyers, accountants, local and state government, collection agencies, etc and more.


      What I am looking for is either a business consultant or lawyer who can this product in the right direction so as to get the software to prospective clients.


      The software role will help clients save millions of dollars.


      Can't elaborate a lot on the software till I consult with the right person(s)


      Any and every suggestion is appreciated.







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          Lunar Knight Wayfarer

          That's a good question. Have you already looked into patent lawyers/agents? I'm guessing that's the starting point for getting your software copyrighted and marketed. Here is some info they may be of some help:



          Best of luck!

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            Paraday_Comm Navigator

            Hello Techgenius:


            I have been consulting to businesses as to the "how" behind getting their products, first too market and finally into the end user's hands since 1985. With regard to software's, Internet technologies and the sort, I have been consulting to developer's and businesses in similar situations to yourself since 1996. My best achievement to date was with an organization that I was involved with and assisting in selling their company for $96 million.


            The trick is for you to evaluate how you want to go about promoting your software and where to begin. In today's Internet world it is not difficult to hang a shingle out via the world wide web, using a website and begin contacting prospects via email to test-drive your software. But in that idea, come the development processes, the time, the money and a boat load of other issues.


            That is why you may want to start by creating an "Action Plan". Similar to a business plan, an Action Plan, will help you think though all of the various obsticles you may encounter as well as paths you'd rather not consider taking. There are a lot of little points that you'd want to consider; is your personal credit worthy to set up a merchant account so that you may accept credit cards? Is one thought that may come out of such an exercise. Are you going to start from home/already have a business location, is that required, etc.


            I would begin by hitting Google, and searching for what is referred to as; "Non-Compete" or "Non-Disclosure" agreement(s) so that you may speak educatedly with others about your ideas and concepts without them strealing your dream. Naturally, you'll also want anyone that you have already associated with in the past, to also place their 'John Hancock' on that agreement as well. From there you may begin to express the secrets that make your software so great, without the fear that someone is going to go-for-a-ride on your ideas.


            I'd be interested in speaking with you further to the lengths that you feel comfortable (Or after signing your NDA), and guilding you futher. Otherwise, I hope that this information is helpful to you (Do not be affraid to mark this reply as same), and I wish you all the best in your venture.


            Paraday Comm