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    Is Your Business' Website the Best it Can Be?

    JackieGold Scout

      I just read a really good article on the Entrust Cash Advance blog about keeping your company's website up to date and user friendly. I can't copy paste onto this site but I'll sum up what I learned....


      Basically, any company that feels that it isn't necessary to have a good website (or have a website at all) is shooting themself (and their company) in the foot. And just because you have a flashy geocities-looking website isn't sufficient to drive in traffic (and ultimately customers) to your business. It is important to keep up to date with the changing world of search engine optimization and realize how you can best market your website to prospective customers who are looking to buy your product. Marketing as we know it has changed forever and it is crucial for the sake of your business to keep up with the times!!


      You can visit the blog itself by going to the Entrust Cash Advance website (entrustcashadvance . com) and clicking on their blog - lots of useful tips for small to medium business owners.