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    Author's Assistant

    Craft Brewer Newbie

      Is anyone familiar with this type of work? I am looking into becoming one but all of my searches lead me to online courses that are quite expensive. I'm trying to determine how necessary it is to become a "certified" Author's Assistant.


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Not the answer you want BUT, I have spoken to a famous best selling author and his answer

          quote is "There is no such thing."

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              wordperfect Scout

              Hi Lucky, that was my first reaction to Craft Brewer as well, but then I started to think laterally, maybe the assistant does n't actually write and who is to say that an AUTHOR  today just writes books?


              So I did a Google, et, voila!

              Sorry this is a long Cut and Paste but this system is so anal it refuses to allow me to post a direct link so, deep breath and.......................


              Author’s assistants utilize the same virtual tools and methods but choose to focus on supporting authors in their efforts to publish a book. Writing the book is easy part; getting published and promoted is the hard part. That’s were a certified author’s assistant can come in handy.


              Author’s assistants can provide the following support for authors:

              They understand the publishing process – all the steps, time, budget

              How to oversee the publishing process

              Managing a virtual team, working with other professionals, contracts

              Keeping a project on target

              Permissions – when you need them and how to get them

              Assisting with the book proposal

              Doing competitive research

              Doing audience research

              Self-publishing, step by step: including

              Getting an ISBN, bar codes, filing the copyright

              Pricing/Handling volume purchasers

              Selecting a printer

              Getting on

              Other products – ebooks, CDs,

              Marketing funnel/platform

              Distribution and shipping

              Executing a marketing plan and schedule marketing events

              Must have’s: web site, media kit, sales sheet

              Creating and other email campaigns

              Creating and expanding media and prospect lists

              Making follow-up calls

              Coordinating back of the room sales

              Coordinating book launch events around publication date

              Ecommerce (merchant accounts, shopping carts, etc.)

              Tracking publicity


              Many coaches, speakers and trainer have a book in them to write but just don’t know where to start. If they can get the book written an author’s assistant can help walk them through the manuscript development through the publishing process and the promotional steps.


              So there ya go!


              Anyway Craft Brewer, I have no idea of being certified or not is needed or an advantage, but from the above it seems it is highly unlikely it is a job one could just walk into, one would I suspect need some darn good connections deep in the various industries else one is, well, not to put to fine a point on it, useless?