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    Top tips of Safe & never be cheated to buy low price promotional items from China

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      As we know, promotional items are not expensive products when you buy them from China. It would be cheaper and save you money. But the truth is that some people have been cheated when they buy products from China; some of them lose their money, others get bad products and their money can't be recovered.


      This article teaches you how to make sure your products are good quality and your money is safe, so you're not cheated or scammed.


      Here I will follow an example to explain the deal steps: example product is promotional wood keychains, factory is Example Company.


      1. Wood keychains are fashionable, green, unique, environmentally friendly, and can be custom-patterned with your custom logo. If you want to buy them as your promotional keychains, they must be printed with your logo or pattern.


      2. After searching for keywords, you find Example Company is a factory making wood keychains and could supply you promotional wood keychains at low prices, but they do not have their own website. They only have a company blog at Blogger.


      Does that mean they are scammers?


      Please don't think that. Many factories don't have websites in China, but may have their online store on alibaba, aliexpress, taobao, dhgate. [note: These are all HUGE trading sites in Asia.]


      3. Please note that many scammers have beautiful websites. They look very professional, but if you send them money by t/t (telegraphic transfer) or Western Union, they disappear. So please don't believe the website too much. There is a little factory that says it has 1000 square metre workshop when, in fact, it may be only 20 square metres.


      4. Continuing the example, you would find Example Company have their wholesale online store in aliexpress. Aliexpress allows payment by PayPal, credit card, t/t, etc. Using a reputable payment processor a good way of payment. Most companies could not be cheaters if they accept PayPal or credit card payment.


      5. Be careful: many people think PayPal payment is great, with high protection for your money, but if you want to ensure your product is good quality, you have to do something more. Otherwise, you may find that the goods you get are not the goods you want when you get them.


      6. After knowing Example Company have a store in aliexpress, you still need to confirm whether they are a real factory or not. Ask them to send you some pictures or a video of their workshop. That is important because, if you can see the machines are producing the products you want, it's more reliable than any website, telephone call, fax, address, etc. If they are a real factory, they could get photos or video to you very easily using a digital camera.


      7. Some product pictures are very beatiful, but the actual goods you receive are very bad. Before placing your order, have a custom sample made to confirm their quality. Design your own pattern with your logo, ask Example Company to make a sample, then to take pictures or deliver the custom samples to you. Normally, wood keychains are carved by laser. It does not require the factory to create a new model, the sample cost is very cheap or free, and you could ask for several different pattern samples.


      8. After confirming the samples, you could place your order now using PayPal or credit card payment. Wood keychains are different from other products — they're carved by laser, using computer control machines. All the products will be the same as samples.


      9. About shipping: if you don't care about delivery time, choose Hongkong post/China post shipping. It's cheaper but long time. Or choose EMS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS — they are also not expensive.


      This method is only for small business, not for big orders. The factory you choose should supply you with their workshop picture or video, and offer PayPal or credit card payment facilities (not t/t or western union for the first order).


      Most of them want to do business with you sincerely.


      Hope everybody stays safe and is never cheated or scammed. Save money by doing business with the factory directly, so you can earn more money in your market place.