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    5 Things To Do For Search Engine Optimization When Designing Your Website

    sjgraphics Wayfarer

      When you are building a website you need to think of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is something that needs to be incorporated during the design process because it can be a hassle to implement after the fact. Here are 5 things to do when you are designing your website to help with Search Engine Optimization:


      1. Make sure the URL is descriptive of your business. For instance, I own a local graphic design company, so my url is: Having a unique and descriptive URL is very benefical.
      2. Make sure all the titles of your pages are unique and descriptive of the content on the page. Don't repeat the same title for every page. Don't repeat the business name in the title of every page either. If you have a page which talks about financial loans then put that in the title. For example "Cheap Financial Loans" or "Great Financial Loans".
      3. Go on Google Ad Words and find the keywords or phrases that will benefit your company. You are looking for phrases that don't have a lot of competition and are a excellent fit to what your business offers. Making your keywords and phrases local is a big help. For instance on my website I don't use phrases like "Graphic Design" I use phrases like "San Jose Graphic Design", etc.
      4. Utilize the alt tags for your images and graphics. Don't jam the alt tag with tons of keywords and phrases. Be descriptive of what the photo or graphic is. Remember, alt tags are used for people who can see and are there to describe what the picture is. If you sell furniture and you have a picture of a couch on the website, then use an alt tag that describes the couch in the picture. For example "Beige soft fabric, stain resistent Lazy Boy recliner couch, seats 7" is better than "cheap couches, affordable couches, Best Furniture Low Prices Guaranteed!"
      5. Make sure the HTML and CSS code is validated. Having code on your website that isn't correct can hamper the search bots from navigating thoroughly through your website. You can go on W3C website and find links to validate your HTML and CSS code. It not only makes it better for the search bots to navigate your website but it helps your users too. Having good valid code ensures that your site will be seen properly on the various browsers and platforms that are out there.


      There are many other things that go into Search Engine Optimization. But, when you start out designing your website with Search Engine Optimization in mind it makes it much easier to implement the rest that goes into the process.