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    SEO and Social Media Marketing

    JackieGold Scout

      I've heard that a lot is changing in the field of SEO and SEM... does anyone have any pointers on how I can promote my business? Thanks

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          sjgraphics Wayfarer

          There are many ways in which you can promote your business. There is also a lot that goes into SEO and SEM.


          If you have the time to write articles and do reviews, etc. then getting a blog and keeping it updated about 3 times a week is a good way to promote your business. It takes about 50 posts before you begin to see a difference in the traffic flow. The same is true of social networking sites. If you can regularly post updates about your business or list special discounts, etc. that can help promote your business as well. Just one social network won't do the trick though. You need to be on a lot of them.


          Does your business have a newsletter? Sending out a monthly or weekly newsletter that has articles pertaining to your client's interests can help grow and promote your business too. Keep it short and simple with links for the readers to follow if they are interested in reading the rest of an article. Reaching out to your current client base is a great way to grow your business. If they are happy with your services or product they are more likely to recommend you to a friend.


          If you are able, do some pro bono work. This is a great way to get your name out there in the community. People who are beneficiaries of your donation are more likely to either use your services themselves later on, or are very likely to recommend your business to their friends and co-workers. People love doing business with a company that regularly donates their time and resources to good causes. Promote your good will on your website, in your newsletter, and on your social networking sites.


          SEO and SEM can take a lot of time. It needs to be kept fresh and relevant. You need to be able to be consistent and vigilent about updating your status, etc.


          A good book to read is "Guerilla Marketing". Good ideas that run from FREE to cheap on promoting your business. I highly recommend that book to help get you started on some of the things I mentioned here as well as many other ideas.


          Good luck!

          Patty Miller

          San Jose Graphics

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            WSBryanJaneczko Wayfarer



            Another tip is to set up affiliate marketing with link backs. If you can establish an agreement with partners who have a large network/audience where you place their link somewhere on your site, and they in turn place your link on their site- your SEO may be enhanced dramatically (depending on how large of an audience your partners have).


            SEO is measured by how many people come to your site so it all boils down to how valuable viewers think your site is-so whether it's the content/service/social community that you're providing you have to think about how you can make your site a "watering hole". Instead of pushing out so much information to get people to come back into your site (fish bait), think about what people actually need and want that others don't have (hence the watering hole analogy). Check out the hubspot blog for more information about SEO/"inbound" and "outbound" marketing..


            -Bryan J.

            Founder of Wicked Start

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              lholland Wayfarer

              Really a nice conversation, will help a lot to beginners in the field of internet marekting. Thanx guys!

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                cbdesign Wayfarer

                Hey JackieGold:


                What type of business are you in and what are your goals, who's your target market, are you local or national, consultant or retailer? These are just a few important items that would help to give better answers.




                Richard Bailey - Client by Design

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                  Nikki De Dios Wayfarer

                  Hi Jackie,


                  I am currently working with the company that specializes in this field. In fact, the company have acquired partnership with google and yahoo, which is really promising break for our clients to be SEOptimized. We have been helping small-medium sized business having a presence online offering customized and self adjustable website,Unlimited services from our customer support team,unlimited upgrade,unlimited bandwidth.It's not just about websites but also the marketing package.All of these,fitted for every business owner's budget.If your interested, I can set you up for an appointment with one of our product specialist and assest if it has value for your business. I suggest you take advantage of this appointment since it will cost you nothing not a single penny but just your time. You can either say yes or no in the end,no risk!  If you feel it would be the right time to take advantage of this assestment, please do contact me. I want to give you options. Go to this site for reference. Thanks and goodluck! I hope this would help.

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                      Craig Elie Wayfarer

                      In fact, the company have acquired partnership with google and yahoo

                      Sorry but this is simply not true.  The partnership they are referring to is available to anybody with a pulse.  It is the verbage they use during the sales pitch.  It's also called signing up with adwords.

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                          Nikki De Dios Wayfarer

                          I am sorry but I have to defend my pride. And I just don't do business to make sales but I do this with a purpose and to offer honest service, I want to eliminate sales people those hypocrite businesses that does not give value for Honesty to clients. But I'm sorry, I am not one of those "people that just wants to sell", you should have atleast googled about the "partnership" we had with google,
                          . Please read on. So, this is how it works, my company that I invested in does not only sell merely websites but we are brokers, Now what we can do for our cllients is not only web design but we offer them "complete" e-commerce solutions. We have a rapid growing online shopping website, if your not familiar with it go to this site . Now our clients that we have worked with their website building has a chance to become enlisted in our website or in lay man's term they can qualify as a merchant. Not to mention being enlisted with big companies such as best buy,walmart,victoria's secret,coach,even ebay has become a merchant in our site.This companies does not pay for nothing if this program isn't effective. we are offering this to small-mid or starter business to give them a chance to be big in the industry. What did you say again about sales pitch?and adwords?

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                              Craig Elie Wayfarer

                              I stand corrected.


                              1) I did not understand that it was your company.

                              2) I did not do my due diligence, I still haven't to be honest.

                              3) I am sooooo sick of getting phone calls from people telling me they just partnered with google to get you at the top of the search engines, I was assuming this was that sales pitch.


                              That being said I apologize if this is not the business model.  But as I stated I haven't looked into the partnership still.  But one thing I noticed off the bat is your solution seems to be product oriented.  The op never stated what type of site they had.  We don't even know what his business is.

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                          390Main Wayfarer

                          Hi Jackie,


                          Are your customers local or global? If they're local, you should register with Google Places and other directories.


                          Also check to “see how your business is listed at Google, Yahoo, and other top local search engines.” You can submit your listing to hundreds of directories at once through Universal Business Listing or Localeze.




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                            Craig Elie Wayfarer

                            SEO/SEM is not an option.  If you have the best website EVER and don't do SEO/SEM it's like building a a castle(your website) in the middle of nowhere(www) and inviting everyone in the world to come over but not telling all the maps(search Engines) your location.  The only pay people will find you is if you personally tell them the address.(URL)  If you want the masses to come, you have to pur your castle in the maps(search engines) and tell the people that are interested (by targeted keywords).


                            Like the others have said, every market is different in the way to market it. local/national etc.


                            I could add/comment on all of the tips above but without know exactly what your business model is, it wouldn't be accurate information.

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                              joshuawilson Scout


                              SEO is the way of analyzing a website and modifying it to enable search engines to read, understand, and index it correctly. In terms of short SEO is done to impress search engine. On the other hand Social media optimization is done to impress human being being so for that we need to write impressive content.  SMO is the process of trying to get one's content more widely  distributed across multiple social media  networks.


                              Website Outsourcing

                              Local Search Marketing

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                                smallbus01 Adventurer

                                There are a lot of factors when it comes to getting traffic to your site. Articles, good keywords, PPC, google ads, Backlinking, website design etc. You will need a good marketing plan then execute it properly to achieve results.

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                                  vinod1978 Adventurer

                                  It really depends on the products or services that you are offering. The first thing I'd do is ensure that your website is search engine friendly - that means, minimal usage of flash (only when mandatory), ensure as much "stuff" is in HTML vs. in images or other content that can't be spidered properly by Google. Once that's done start a blog if you already don't have one. Create a twitter account and a Facebook fan page. Once way of using social media to directly influence sales is to tweet out coupon codes (same with facebook). Your loyal customers will follow you in hopes that they will see a coupon from you and use that. They will also share that link with their friends, and it will appear on their timeline on Twitter.


                                  Don't use Twitter and Facebook to advertise though, or people will simply not pay attention. You'll need to find things that your customers would care about - things that don't involve them purchasing your product. You will need to find a good balance of this.



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                                    worldlink Newbie

                                    Hi, Jackie. A couple of replies have stated the appropriate response: "it depends." It's natural to think "SEO" and "Social Media Marketing" are different and cool and interesting. However, marketing is still marketing and advertising is still advertising. Results are driven by the way we reach our customers and communicate with them.

                                    There are plenty of questions about (1) your business, (2) your products/services, (3) the markets you serve, (4) the people who purchase your products/services, and (5) your competitors, etc.


                                    Notice we haven't discussed marketing tactics yet. Be sure to clarify the points above and then consider the media outlets and types your customers are using (online, print, tv, radio, events, etc). In short, put yourself and your products in front of your customers at various points throughout the purchase process.


                                    Let your knowledge of your customers and their behaviors dictate where you advertise and position your company. Use marketing tactics that are appropriate and provide your messaging in the right formats for each media and customer type and you're likely to win.


                                    SEO, as one person said, is not an option. You must prioritize website search engine optimization highly within your organization. Don't be fooled by companies promising results - there aren't any guarantees in SEO. A couple of pointers on optimizing your site:

                                    • Each page in your site needs a <title> tag, a META Description tag, and it's strongly recommended to use <h1> headlines to announce the topic of each page.
                                    • Notice I didn't recommend a META Keywords tag. They don't factor in the search engine algorhythms any more.
                                    • Link pages in your site to each other with meaningful, keyword-rich "text links" (not graphics, buttons or "read more" or "click here" text); for ex: Discover online marketing agencies in Cary, NC like WorldLink Marketing. Notice the link is on the keyword phrase.
                                    • Keyword density: mention the "keyword" on each page approximately once per 30 words, not more often than that. Keep mentions to 3-5 at most.
                                    • Then there's the matter of XML sitemaps, submitting them to search engines, etc.


                                    Read blogs on SEO, learn from Google, ask an expert or hire an expert.


                                    Good luck, Jackie.



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                                      Kasey Hofmann Newbie

                                      sjgraphics is right.

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                                        SimonFlores Newbie

                                        Now a lot of different seo blogs, like seomoz. There's a huge amount of useful information!

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                                          jack Wayfarer

                                          Doing some SEM activities for Online business and most important is that do Social networking like face book, twitter......

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                                            Moderator Jim Ranger

                                            Great stuff so far! Let's keep 'em coming.


                                            With facebook implementing a twitter like feed these days, do your strategies change towards facebook marketing?



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                                              JayG Newbie

                                              Search engine optimization is made up of two separate components: off-page and on-page.  The off-page one is all about getting other websites to link to yours.  There are many ways to do that and all of them demand a huge time investment.  There are many resources to help you get started (SEOMoz, for example).  Whatever you do to get links, do it legitimately and do not pay for them.  Otherwise, Google will find out, sooner or later, and will black list your website.  The on-page component is about properly deploying your content and images on each of your website’s pages.



                                              There are many resources to guide you in that process and one of my personal favorites is Web CEO.  However, when you develop a web page, you should do your on-page SEO around your content, not the other way around.  In other words, write your content for people, not for the Google robots.



                                              So, if you develop an e-commerce website, make sure you include all industry-required features (SSL Certificate, trust seals, security services, etc.) and content (policies, product description, pricing information, etc.) (



                                              Ideally, your SEO efforts should seamlessly complement the development of your web content, so that visitors to your website will not be noticing anything out of place.

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                                                thirddd Scout

                                                Yes, a lot of things have been changing in the last few months, namely the controversy surrounding the Google Panda update. The update completely changes the algorithm used to rank websites and supposedly primarily uses user experience, quality content and quality backlinks as the main factors for evaluating the authority and ranking of a website. Sites with too many ads, lack of quality content and low traffic volumes are penalized and viewed as "low quality" sites. There are quite a few aspects to the Panda update and it's definitely something you should familiarize yourself with if you're an SEO or SEM. Personally, I think Panda is a good update that will lead to higher quality standards and more websites with relevant content.



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                                                  Emmy Pages Adventurer

                                                  You could buy some software to automate the marketing or hire people from Asia at a low cost.




                                                  Insurance questions and answers

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                                                    The SEO Blitz Adventurer

                                                    Hi Jackie,


                                                    before spending any money, i recommend to use the Google Webmaster Tool ( it's free and provides you with all important information about your website and basic seo ...


                                                    • Find out how google sees your site (relevant keywords)
                                                    • Analyze search data (placements, impression, clicks)
                                                    • Check who links to you (backlinks, link text)
                                                    • Receive alerts
                                                    • etc ..


                                                    The most interesting part in the future for good seo will be the success of your website (e.g: the ratio of impressions / clicks, less bounces). After all data is ok in the webmaster tool you're on a good way to become better SERP placements, without spending any money!


                                                    For SEM, especially for small and new businesses, i recommend to start SEM carefully. Just bidding on ~10, very exact keywords with a daily maximum to become a first impression of the success of your campaign, otherwise you'll spend much money before you realize that desired success is not given (make sure that ad words are only displayed at search engine and not on other websites).


                                                    If you doing serious business, i strongly recommend not to use any automated marketing software or low cost spammer companies! This can be the wrong way and cost you very much time to get trust back once you crossed the spam border line.


                                                    I hope this helps,


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                                                      amyswinningways Wayfarer

                                                      Hiring people from Asia is not necessarily a good route to go and automated software can come back and bite you! Not sure how anyone could logically say to do either. Unless you want fake people following you and to get banned by Google! I've cleaned up a lot of messes that were made by offshore providers and automated software. Good for me, but I would rather help my clients before they have those issues.


                                                      That being said, SEO and SEM changes all the time. Google, for instance, just changed their algorithms and their focus in the last few weeks. The Panda update is only a part of the changes they have made over the last year and they did just reset that in February.


                                                      Google Webmaster Tools are a huge help...with Google. Bing is becoming a force to be reckoned with so don't count them out in your marketing. I would not recommend you jumping into the Google ads yet, for various reasons, the biggest being that you really don't have to to get the results you want.


                                                      The easiest and best way to market your business is with content. I'm sure you've heard content is king. To this day, that remains true. You will, however, want to do your keyword research first. Go for high traffic, low competition phrases of 2-3 words. And again, don't jump into any ads, particularly if you haven't done your research yet. Honestly, you don't have to pay for impressions or pay per click to get your results. Most people have become ad blind anyway. The keywords will also go to enhance your on-page SEO.


                                                      Once you get your content going in the form of a blog, there are other options to consider. You've got linkbuilding, bookmarking, article marketing, social media marketing and all that. BUT, you must be sure this is done the right way. You don't want to hire an offshore team that is going to post spammy links to your site and post comments that are in BAD ENGLISH. You also don't want your link posted on porn bookmarking sites(unless you have a XXX site that is). If you hire someone, insist on good English and proper grammar. You don't want to come across as an illiterate twit when all you want is to get your business out there for the world to see!


                                                      There are many important aspects one must consider when doing their seo, both on-page and off, or when hiring someone to do it for you. I've been providing these services for more than 4 years now and I've seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly so please just be sure to do your homework(this was a good start and would love to hear how you are doing.) and don't listen to anyone who doesn't have a clue!